Through nearly 40 years of providing the very best value in quality, durability, and price in the window covering industry, how have we managed to keep getting better? We’re always looking for the latest innovations in systems and materials, and then we use our decades of experience and expertise to apply only the most useful and valuable of these to our handcrafted shades.

Now we’re taking this to a whole new level with ECOSMART 2.0! Starting with our cellular shades, we’re shifting to a completely new building platform, using cutting-edge materials and components engineered to perfection, quality tested to easily hold up to thousands of repetitions of continual use, and always designed specifically with you – our valued customer – in mind. With our new products, you can expect even higher quality, choose from brand new features and options, and as always, receive our unparalleled support behind everything we offer.

This is EcoSmart 2.0 and it is a-ma-zing!

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EcoSmart 2.0 Insider Updates

EcoSmart 2.0 Insider Updates

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What does this mean to you? It means every component, every design choice, every build process has been created with you in mind. Smooth and easy operation, extreme durability, child safety, enhanced convenience, and next-level technology are what you can expect with our new EcoSmart 2.0 line of cellular and roller shade products.

EcoSmart 2.0 Cellular Top-Down/Bottom-Up Shades in Rocking Room
EcoSmart 2.0 Roller Shades in Dining Area

New Products and Features

Award winning child-safe ‘twin pull’ operation, recessed top rails for TDBU light blocking, top-down/bottom-up motorization, and futuristic home automation technology are among the new developments we’re so very excited to offer you.


New Fabric Choices

Our new cellular building platform allows us to offer stunning modern fabric choices, like bigger pleats, textured-look fabrics, cell-in-cell fabrics, sheers, day/night options, and more. While not every fabric type will be available at the time of launch, you’ll find plenty of new, exciting options to enhance your home decor.

EcoSmart 2.0 Single-Cell Bamboo Texture Fabric