EcoSmart Shades Accessibility Statement

Revised July 11, 2022

Here at EcoSmart Shades and our parent company Gordon’s Window Decor, we believe in accessibility and are committed to working towards making our website(s) as accessible as possible, especially to those with disabilities.

Our Standards for Accessibility

To guide our development and progress towards a more accessible website, we strive to adhere to the standards outlined in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

Known Limitations to Universal Accessibility

Although we are consistently working towards improving accessibility on our websites, we also have known areas of weakness, which may include but are not limited to:

  • Some images and icons may not contain the appropriate alt text.
  • Some parts of our website may contain images, text, or graphics that don’t meet WCAG guidelines for color contrast.
  • Some links on our website may not have the appropriate title attributes.
  • Our website may not function properly on all devices and in all use cases.
  • Some features of our website may not work in all browsers, especially those that are not running the most recent version, those that have disabled JavaScript, and those that use browser extensions. 
  • Some videos embedded on our website may not contain subtitles.

Our Efforts to Progress Towards a More Accessible Website

Here are some things we have done or plan to do to improve the accessibility of our website(s).

  • We revisit this accessibility statement periodically to maintain our focus and document our progress.
  • We periodically audit our images to ensure they contain alt text.
  • We periodically test our website on different devices and browsers to ensure compatibility.
  • In the future, we plan to have an external assessment of our website’s accessibility.

Feedback & Assistance

If you encounter any issues using our site or have trouble accessing any of the content, please reach out to us at the contact method below.

EcoSmart Shades
8 Leroy Rd
Williston, VT 05495
+1 (877) 338-9392
[email protected]

We will help in any way that we can and put forth our honest best effort to resolve any issues with the website.