Installing our EcoSmart roller shades is a snap… almost literally! You’ll have your new shades quickly in place and functioning with minimal effort or expertise. And if you do need advice, we’re always more than happy to help!

That’s right, it couldn’t be much easier to install your custom EcoSmart roller shades! Here’s the general concept…

  1. You’ll attach two included metal brackets to the window frame (or your preferred mounting surface) with screws.
  2. You’ll snap the roller onto the brackets.
  3. You’ll snap the (optional) fascia in place over the roller.

Boom! Your roller shade is up! There are a couple of final touches. For chain operated shades, you’ll want to anchor the chain at the bottom and pinch a couple of ‘ballstops’ onto the chain (simple!) Otherwise, most everything is set up for you before your shade even ships out the door.

What about motorized roller shades? They install just like our manual roller shades! However, our motorized shades allow for some sweet optional features, so you might be able to just ‘plug and go’, or you might need to configure some things first (wifi hub, phone app, etc.) Either way, we’ll give you all the info you need to get things going ASAP!

(Don’t know what you want to order? Learn more about our roller shades here.)

So that’s the basic idea. Not much to it, huh? For a little more detail, keep reading below…

EcoSmart Skyline Chain Operated Roller Shades

Chain Operated Roller Shades Without Fascia

Skyline Wrapped Fascia Black and Gray

Chain Operated Roller Shades With Fascia

EcoSmart Skyline Motorized Roller Shades - Operate your shades with our phone app, Alexa, Google Home, Apple Homekit, set a timer, and more!

Motorized Roller Shades

  • Installing motorized roller shades is the exactly the same as installing chain operated roller shades (above), minus the references to the chain.
  • We’ll be adding instructions for various optional motorization components soon, but rest assured, you’ll receive complete instructions with your order!
  • Don’t forget… we love to help! Please reach out with any questions!

Stylish, Ultra-Durable Roller Shades - Handcrafted in the USA!





Installing roller shades with 4-inch fascia

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