You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers! Well, not all of them yet. This page is a work in progress, so please… if you don’t see your question answered here, let us know. We’ll get you the answer you’re looking for!

Ordering Questions

Anyone Can Order EcoSmart Shades!

We sell and deliver EcoSmart Shades to our friends all over the world. So if you have a need for exceptional shades at factory direct pricing, you’ve come to the right place!

Oh Man… SO Many Reasons! 

We are one of the very first cellular shade manufacturers in the world. We’ve been doing this at our Vermont, USA location for over 30 years, and it’s all we do. Our expertise is unmatched, yet it’s the intimate service you get from our small, family-owned company that sets us apart. We treat you right! You can read all about EcoSmart Shades here.

Keep reading below to learn about our premium insulating bonded fabrics,  superior components, industry-leading warranty, and more.




Well, Production Times Can Vary.

We strive to complete new orders within about 10 business days. However, we’ve been thrown a few curves over the last few years (haven’t we all??), and some of those have occasionally resulted in longer-than-normal wait times. So now we display the current production time in the Summary and Price section of each product ordering page. You’ll always know what to expect when you order!

Shipping Questions

Shipping Within the Continental U.S.A. is FREE!

That’s right, there’s no need to worry about how much the shipping charges will add to your order total because, well, there aren’t any! We ship these orders by UPS Ground, for speedy, reliable delivery.

If you’re not located in the continental USA, no worries. We’ve got you covered in the next question.

You can read more about our Shipping Policies here.

No Problem, We’ll Keep Your Shipping Costs Low!

If you live in Alaska, Hawaii, or anywhere else in the world, we do have to charge a bit for shipping. However, we do everything we can to keep the cost as low as possible…

  • We choose the lowest-priced shipping option that also provides a reasonable delivery time (more on this below).
  • We base our shipping charges on the actual, discounted rate charged to us by the shipper.
  • We package our shades in the most economical configuration possible, while also ensuring they are safe and well-protected.
  • Due to the above, we invoice you for the shipping charges only after your shades are manufactured, boxed, and weighed.

NOTE: Customs duties/taxes/fees for international orders are the responsibility of the customer and are collected by the shipping company prior to delivery. 

Here’s what you can expect, depending on where you live…

  • Alaska and Hawaii: You will be invoiced for only the exact amount that our shipper charges us. Most orders are shipped via USPS Priority Mail, for the best price/speed combination.
  • Canada: You will be invoiced for only the exact amount that our shipper charges us. Most orders are shipped via USPS First Class Mail, for the best price/speed combination.
  • Other International: You will be invoiced for the exact amount that our shipper charges us, plus a $50 handling fee (per order – NOT per box or per shade). Most orders are shipped via UPS, for the best price/speed combination.

You can read more about our Shipping Policies here.

Not Very Long!

Of course, we’re at the mercy of the shipping companies when it comes to exact delivery times. In turn, the shipping companies are at the mercy of things like the weather or, you know, an unexpected global pandemic. With that said, shipping times remain very good, and reasonably consistent…

  • USA Orders: As we are on the East Coast, shipping can take anywhere from 1 business day to our fellow NorthEasterners, to 5 business days to our friends out West – under normal circumstances. Under current conditions, you should allow an extra couple of business days.
  • Other Orders: All other orders typically arrive in about one week – under normal circumstances. Under current conditions, you should allow an extra couple of business days.

Product Questions

We Are All About Quality!

We started this business 30 years ago for one reason: We wanted to vastly improve the insulation in our Vermont neighbors’ homes with a product that looks great and last for years! To do so, we couldn’t skimp… on anything. That continues to this day, with only the most insulating, durable, easy-to-clean fabrics, stainless steel and lightweight aluminum components, and a warranty that shows just how much we believe in the products we build!

We Make Premium Insulating Cellular Shades and Roller Shades!

That’s it! Sure there are different styles within our shade types (even motorized!), but we focus entirely on what we do best.

Warranty Questions

Even Among the Best of the Best, Our Warranty Stands Out!

It’s easy to point to the length of our warranty… and why wouldn’t we? I mean, who else covers operational cords for 10 years, not to mention other operating and structural components for life? But what really makes our warranty different is not having that slippery “normal wear and tear” clause.

If you have a problem with your shade – and it’s not caused by obvious abuse or misuse (such as being used like a scratching post by your cat) – there’s no haggling, no back-and-forth. We’ve got you. This is what we mean by treating our customers like family!

Read more about our amazing warranty here.

Of Course! But It’s a Little Different.

With the higher cost of shipping internationally, it doesn’t make a lot of financial sense to ship shades to us for repair. So we got creative! If any issues arise at all, they are often rectified fairly easily with the right part and appropriate instructions. We’ll supply the parts for free and can usually supply the instructions. Of course, you’re always free to seek the assistance of someone local if this type of thing isn’t your cup o’ tea!

To learn more about our International warranty, click here.

We All Make Mistakes, and We’ve Got Your Back If You Do!

So… we think we’ve got pretty great measuring instructions. We have videos. We have shade gurus to offer advice. And still… something could go wrong. It really doesn’t happen very often, but if you make a measuring mistake, we’ve got you covered. Simply return the shade to us, and we’ll correct the dimensions for free!

Read all about our Measuring SafeGuard here.