From light-filtering in a variety of available transparencies, to room darkening for optimum privacy, EcoSmart Shades has roller shade fabric options for every situation.

Ecosmart Shade 3000 Net 10% White Gray Roller Fabric
Ecosmart Shade Mesa Room-Darkening Roller Fabric Color Seal

What Makes Roller Fabric Such a Great Choice?

  • It’s Durable: Roller shade fabric is tough. It can withstand years of frequent use and still hold up like new.
  • It’s Sleek: Roller shade fabric is thin and won’t overwhelm the aesthetics of your windows.
  • It’s Easy to Clean: Wipe down your fabric with a damp sponge and almost any non-bleach cleaning solution.
  • It’s Economical: Compared to other popular window covering materials, roller shade fabric provides cost savings and tremendous value!

(However, if insulation and energy savings is a primary concern, you can’t beat our EcoSmart cellular fabrics. Learn more about the r-value of our cellular shades here.)

We Use Only the Best Roller Shade Fabrics

  • Our roller fabrics – and all of our roller shade components – are provided by Rollease-Acmeda, the worldwide leader in highest-quality roller shade component manufacturing.
  • In addition to being stylish, extremely durable, and easy to clean, our roller fabrics carry a variety of safety certifications, including GreenGuard Gold certification.
  • Among the manufacturers who use these premium roller shade fabrics, we might be the only one who sells ‘factory direct’ to you. No middleman means no inflated pricing.

Each roller fabric type has advantages, depending on the intended purpose. The short version is, room-darkening fabrics are usually reserved for those areas where you need maximum privacy and relative darkness.

EcoSmart roller shade light filtering fabric example

Light-Filtering Fabrics

  • The most commonly purchased fabrics.
  • Allow a glow of light in the room while still maintaining some privacy, depending on the specific option selected.
  • Our 3000 Net Series of light filtering fabrics are available in the following transparencies (descriptions are approximate and will depend on lighting conditions and color of the fabric):
    • 1% Open – The most privacy among light-filtering roller shade options. From the outside, a vague silhouette of inside contents may be seen.
    • 3% Open – From the outside, a distinct outline of inside contents may be seen.
    • 5% Open – From the outside, contents inside may be recognizable.
    • 10% Open – Quite sheer, with visibility of inside contents.
  • For a visual representation of the various transparencies, please visit the Texstyle Visualizer.
EcoSmart roller shade room darkening fabric example

Room Darkening Fabrics

  • Also known as “0% Open”.
  • Excellent for rooms that need privacy and relative darkness.
  • Block over 99% of light, although there will be light gaps at the sides of the shade, due to the roller assembly being wider than the fabric.
  • Provide total privacy, as they are opaque from outside the home.

See the Options for Yourself!

Of course! We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Our roller shade fabrics are GreenGuard Gold Certified. This means they are approved for use in schools and hospitals. It means they’re safe around kids and pets. In other words, wherever window shades are needed, you can feel confident that our materials aren’t transmitting dangerous gasses.

Our Roller Fabrics are Super Easy to Clean

Our EcoSmart roller fabrics can be wiped clean with virtually any non-bleach cleaning solution and a damp sponge.


What’s better than SEEING what you’ll be getting?  Here are some great reasons to order free roller fabric samples…

  • See the Colors: Have you ever ordered something online and the color doesn’t look like what you saw on your screen? Screen colors vary, and we want you to be sure you’ll love your color choice.
  • Evaluate the Transparency: How much light shines through a particular roller shade fabric? How much privacy does it provide? What’s the difference between lighter and darker colors? Hold your samples up to your window and find out!
  • Test the Toughness: Our fabrics really are superior. We want you to stretch, pull, tug, and try to tear them. You’ll be impressed.
  • Did we mention they’re FREE? 🙂

Stylish, Ultra-Durable Roller Shades - Handcrafted in the USA!





EcoSmart roller shade light filtering fabric example


EcoSmart roller shade room darkening fabric example