Installing our EcoSmart cellular shades is so much easier than you might think! Customers of every type have had their shades up and operating in no time. And of course, we’re always here to guide you!

Yup, we’ve made it as simple as possible to install your customized EcoSmart window shades. The basic idea is this…

  1. Attach included metal brackets to the window frame (or your mounting surface of choice) with screws.
  2. Snap the headrail of the shade onto the brackets.

That’s it… your shade is up! Sure, there might be a detail or two after that. For corded shades, you’ll want to anchor the cord (easy peasy!) For cordless shades, you’ll snap a plastic handle or two onto the bottom rail. You get the idea… most everything is preconfigured for you right here in the factory, leaving you with only the final touches.

Adding side tracks? No problem… they’re ‘peel and stick’! You’ll attach adhesive magnet strips to the sides of your window frame, and the side tracks stick to them with their own installed magnets. How awesome is that!

Ordering motorized shades? They install just like our corded and cordless shades do! Of course, our motorized shades have all kinds of cool options available, so it could be as simple as plugging in your shade and operating it right away, or you might need to set up a couple of things first (external battery, wifi bridge, phone app, etc.). Either way, we show you how!

Need skylight shades? OK, there are a few more steps involved (see below), but we’ve got you covered with complete instructions!

(Not yet sure what you want to order? Learn more about our cellular shade styles here.)

Now that you’ve gotten the general overview, check out the detailed instructions below for your specific situation…

Installing standard pull-cord shades

Standard and Standard Top-Down/Bottom-Up

Installing EcoSmart Smoothy continuous cord loop cellular shades

Cord Loop and Cord Loop Top-Down/Bottom-Up

Installing energy saving side tracks for EcoSmart cellular shades

Energy Saving Side Tracks

  • First, install your window shade (see instructions above).
  • Place your side tracks into position and mark the locations.
  • Remove your shade and ‘peel and stick’ magnet strips at the marked locations.
  • Replace your shade and slide the side tracks in place.
  • Click here to download the complete installation instructions.
  • Don’t forget to check out the video below to see how easy it is!
Installing EcoSmart Cordless Cellular shades

Cordless and Cordless Top-Down/Bottom-Up

Installing Balcony skylight cellular shades

Skylight Shades

  • Screw retainer tracks into the sides of the skylight opening.
  • Install brackets at the top and bottom of the opening.
  • Insert the top of the shade into the retainer tracks.
  • Slide the top of the shade up and snap the headrail onto the top brackets.
  • Snap the bottom rail onto the bottom brackets.
  • Adjust the cord tension in order to level the shade.
  • Click here to download the complete installation instructions.
  • Don’t forget to check out the videos below!

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Installing Standard Pull-Cord cellular Window Shades

Installing Cordless, Cord Loop, or Motorized Cellular Shades

Installing Side Tracks for Cellular Shades

Installing a Skylight Shade - Part 1

Installing a Skylight Shade - Part 2