You asked. We listened! Schools need a streamlined process to access premium, American-made custom window coverings. Skip the drawn-out quoting process, the endless phone tag, and the frustrating price negotiations. Our easy ordering system lets you configure the perfect shades, place your order online, and focus on delivering an exceptional guest experience!

What Makes EcoSmart School Shades Different?

Don’t be fooled by the name. These are the same supremely stylish, ultra-durable, highly-insulating, handcrafted window shades we build right here in our Vermont, USA facility for our high-end residential clients – available to you at commercial, factory-direct pricing. As always, we insist on premium quality and unmatched value with every shade we make.

Can EcoSmart Shades Handle Large School Orders?

Certainly! In 2022 alone, we fulfilled a 5700-shade order for an army base in Wisconsin and another half-million dollar order for luxury Alpine residences in an exclusive Vermont ski village. Neither of these projects was expected, and both had relatively short turnaround times. Whether you need one shade or thousands, we’ve got you covered!

Who Can Order Commercial EcoSmart Window Shades for Schools?

If you are an architect, builder, contractor, designer, facilities manager, school (K-12, college, or university), our commercial roller/solar shades and commercial cellular honeycomb shades (coming soon) are for you. All you need is…

  • An approved commercial account at our website.
  • The ability to measure your windows and install your shades (or to outsource those tasks to another entity).
  • The ability to provide a business credit/debit card payment with your order.

Do you have special circumstances? Maybe you have a large order of more than 100 shades, or you need shades that fall out of our standard specs, or you need to arrange an alternate payment method? No worries! Whatever your circumstances, let’s talk.

What about resellers, dealers, and retailers?

We’re a small, family-owned business, and we keep ourselves quite busy building and delivering our high quality shades directly to our own customers all over the world. Unfortunately, that doesn’t leave much additional time for implementing and managing a traditional reseller program. With that said, we’re happy to provide our window shades to resellers at our commercial rates, and you are free to sell them to your clients at prices you determine, under the following conditions…

  • Upon requesting a commercial account, you will be required to complete a separate reseller agreement.
  • At this time, we are unable to provide fabric sample books or other marketing materials.
  • The expectation is that you will support your clients after the sale, although we are here to support you as we would any of our commercial customers.

This program works best for those who can provide value-added services – design, consulting, measuring, installation, etc. – or who sell our shades as a value-add to products or services they are currently providing.

How do I create a commercial account?

Simply complete our commercial account registration form. We will review your business information, and if everything checks out, approve your account usually within one business day.

If you already have an approved EcoSmart Commercial Account, you can log in, view discounted commercial pricing, and order your shades right now!

Quality and Experience You Can Trust

For almost 40 years, we’ve been building our phenomenal, custom, insulating shades – using only the highest-quality components available – here in our Vermont, U.S.A. facility. From design, to manufacturing and fulfillment, to sales and service, all the expertise and every answer you need is right in this building. We are a relatively small – but supremely skilled – team of experienced, dedicated experts and it shows in everything we do!

Commercial EcoSmart solar shades in hotel lobby with view of pool
EcoSmart white commercial roller shades in corner office space overlooking Lake Champlain

Commercial Roller/Solar Shades

Whether you need chain-operated or motorized roller shades… blackout, solar screen, designer-grade, or “green” fabric… open-roll or cassette-enclosed… we’ve got you and your clients covered. Our roller and solar shades use only high-grade components from Rollease-Acmeda – the global leader in roller shade parts manufacturing and motorization solutions – and combined with our own engineering enhancements, are built to install easily and perform beautifully for years to come.


Commercial Cellular Shades

As one of the first cellular shade manufacturers in the world, we feel uniquely qualified to recognize when there’s an even better way to build our cellular honeycomb shades. After decades of assembling with the same component platform, we’ve discovered a new cutting-edge line of meticulously engineered, forward-looking components that will allow us to continue to lead in quality and value far into the future. This is EcoSmart 2.0 and it’s coming soon!

Top-Down/Bottom-Up Continuous Cord Loop Light Filtering EcoSmart Cellular Window Shades