Hey, look… our customers love us almost as much as we love them! Seriously, we strive to always treat people as we would want to be treated. We give each customer our undivided, personal attention. We build our EcoSmart Shades using only top-of-the-line components and unwavering attention to detail. And as a small company, we’re able to quickly provide expert answers to any questions, because everything we do takes place right here in our Vermont facility.

It’s our great pleasure to apply these values and use our unique advantages to create a customer experience that’s second to none, and nothing could be more gratifying than when members of our EcoSmart family validate that we’ve been able to do so!

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  1. Good they felt expensive so I went with single cell but happy nevertheless. I would recommend these to friends.

  2. I have to tell you, they look excellent. I am very happy. Installation was a breeze.

  3. I ordered two shades after getting samples. I’m really glad I followed your suggestion to get the samples – great advice! I’m looking forward to installing the new shades!

  4. Work really well in my bedroom. Installing the first one was a little annoying but the rest went in quite nicely and they keep out the sun in our hot bedroom.

  5. Too easy. I received my order yesterday and within 5 minutes of delivery the shade was installed and is perfect.

  6. We’ve just installed our shades and have decided to accept your offer to share our experience. This office to our warehouse receives a lot of direct sun early in the morning. The angle is especially low in the winter and requires us to be able to adjust the shades while the sun changes its position. Therefore, having the ability to adjust them from the top as well as bottom, offers us a great amount of flexibility. Your shades reduce the glare while allowing a nice glow of morning light into the room. Also the smooth cords for adjusting the heights work wonderfully.

  7. I have been buying double cell blackout top down/bottom up shades for at least 20 years and I understand why there is an issue with kids/pets and the cords. It seems the newer cords or may be the ‘breakaway’ plastic fasteners just don’t work very well. Actually they DO break away–but all too often and for no good reason. I will probably end up using a thicker lower pull cord and then gluing the plastic halves together. There are no kids here and my cats are too old to care. Other than this I absolutely love these shades and they’ve saved me gobs of $$ over the years in my uninsulated CA 1890 home!