PLEASE NOTE: Unfortunately, at this time we are unable to offer side tracks for our shades because our long-time supplier no longer manufactures them. We are working towards an alternative side track solution and making great progress towards that goal. However, we cannot yet provide an estimated time frame for having the new solution in place. Please check back periodically, or get in touch with us so we can be sure to inform you when we can once again offer side tracks!

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding.


EcoSmart energy-saving side tracks add extra insulation and light-blocking to any of our cellular shade styles, with the exception of motorized shades. These smart, easy-to-install wonders maximize the already outstanding r-value provided by our cellular honeycomb fabrics. Attached to your window frame using a magnet system, they are also easy to remove for window cleaning. NOTE: Side tracks are available for shades mounted inside the window frame and those with double-cell fabric, only.

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Achieving Premium Blackout with EcoSmart’s Cellular Shades and Sidetracks

Immerse yourself in the flawless blend of innovative design and ultimate light control with EcoSmart's cellular shades, meticulously outfitted with sidetracks. Our commitment to providing handcrafted perfection and superior components ensures that your space is graced with both aesthetics and functionality. Designed to seamlessly meld style with practicality, our blackout cellular shades with sidetracks offer a stunning visual appeal while ensuring optimal light blockage. With side channels smartly engineered to prevent light leakage, these blackout window shades with sidetracks stand as a testament to our technological and design prowess, ensuring your peaceful slumber and utmost privacy are undisturbed.

Navigating through the intricacies of design, we cultivate excellence in every shade we produce, ensuring that every meticulous detail is handcrafted to meet our unwavering standards of quality.

Elevate Comfort and Serenity with Blackout Roller Shades and Sidetracks

Discover the tranquility that comes with undisturbed sleep and serene indoor environments with our blackout roller shades with sidetracks. Intricately designed for seamless integration across a myriad of spaces and room types, these shades not only offer versatile aesthetic adaptability but also assure unwavering quality and durability. With top-shelf components and premium bonded fabrics, we ensure that your shades not only look stellar but also stand the test of time, functioning flawlessly to provide you with uninterrupted comfort and ease for years to come.

The Unparalleled EcoSmart Difference

At EcoSmart, our dedication goes beyond mere quality. With decades of heritage starting from a basement and one man's unwavering belief in supreme quality and customer service, we stand today as a testament to handcrafted excellence and technological advancement in the realm of shade manufacturing. As your end-to-end solution provider, we extend beyond the mere transaction, ensuring your journey from product conception through consultation, fulfillment, and ongoing support is seamlessly integrated and profoundly enriching.

With truly personalized service, we invite you to experience an unparalleled commitment, where your needs are met with attentive, individualized service. Our joy emanates from your satisfaction and through the sincere care we embed in each interaction and product we provide. By choosing EcoSmart, you’re not just acquiring a product; you’re becoming a cherished member of a family that celebrates life, quality, and each other.

In our journey from a single individual’s dream to your trusted provider of the highest-quality shades made here in the USA, we've rooted ourselves in principles that prioritize your peace of mind, offering unmatched expertise, and ultimately, delivering unparalleled value in every interaction and product.

Dive into a world where style, functionality, and heartfelt service intertwine, with EcoSmart Shades - where every product is a promise of quality, commitment, and profound care.

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