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Sam and their Super Shades!

"I'll be ready for the 100-degree summer!" To be honest, Sam was nervous and timid.

Helen gave us a holler!

An old home gets a hug!


Home-Schooling Subject: NAPTIME


Intense Frigid Temps are EVERYWHERE... I mean...even Florida has dipped into the 30's!! EEEK!

Everyone LOVES “Before & Afters”

Our customer Jim, his life is easy peasy lemon squeezy with our motorized shades.

Top 5 Places to Save Energy

Raise your hand if you LOVE saving MONEY? Ok good good, a lot of hands. [...]

Why does Roller Fabric Color Matter?

Color. Fabric Opacity. Weave. All of this is SO important.

2024 Design Forecast!

What’s out? Three years after a global pandemic shut the world down…the Work-From-Home Spaces are [...]

You guys are the BEST.

Our customers say the NICEST things...and ya know...they're RIGHT!