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We are WORKIN’!

EcoSmart Roller Shade Production table

We’re telling you the truth, when we say our shade crafters are working as fast as physics allows.

SoOOoOooo right now, we are estimating that our production lead time is about 18 business days.

We know you can get *other shades* from *other sites*, but you invested in yourself and chose to support a small, family company that builds each shade like it’s going into our own homes. Our shades last decades.

No fibbing.

We thank you for supporting us. We thank YOU for your patience.

Your shades will SOON be providing you privacy, reducing glare, looking OH so stylish and making you feel all warm and fuzzy because you supported small biz.

If you have any questions, need to voice your concerns, want to share an adorable photo of your furry friends, or your Auntie Clara’s famous chocolate cake recipe, we are here for you. (and we love cake.)

or 877-338-9392

Your Windows are STEALING from YOU!

Outdated windows are costing you SERIOUS cashola!

And replacing those money-sucking vampires is super EXPENSIVE!

Replacing windows in an average 3 bedroom home with 10 windows can cost from $3,500 to $7,500. The cost of window replacement for 10 vinyl windows is an average of $15,955.

The cost of 10 replacement wood windows would be around $19,390.?

YOU and me BOTH!

THIS is what insulating cellular shades will do for you and your home:

  • Cut utility costs
  • Put $100s every year back in your wallet Extra $$ Got your attention?
  • (That’s not all, but we’ll talk about all the other bennies in another blog)

Ok, talking averages here, it costs about $1,300 to heat an American home each year. Personally, my monthly propane bill was $220….add that up! $2640 a YEAR!! Whhhhhhhhhhaaaa? Insanity.

Our shades will actually pay you back (unlike your teenager).

HOW? You ask? They are SO energy efficient!!

Did you know that 10-25% of your heating costs are wasted when heat leaks out of your windows? On average, it costs about $1,300 to heat an American home each year. If you do the math, that’s up to $325 going out your window!


EcoSmart Energy-saving cellular shades control drafts to keep temperatures at a constant, so air conditioners and heaters aren’t working so hard to keep the room regulated. You may have heard of it before, but haven’t understood what exactly it stands for. The R-Value is a measure of how well a material’s resistance is to heat flow and how well it resists heat gain or loss. Let’s make it simple, the higher the R-Value your material has the better insulation that you will receive.

Your windows themselves have an R-value. A typical window has an R-value ranging from 0.9 to 3.0. To put this in perspective, the insulation that is used to build a home today has an R-value in the low 40s. Essentially, your window is a hole in the wall!

Visuals are good.

Take a look at this chart explaining how the R-Value of a given cellular shade corresponds to the type of window being covered.

Our shades have a payback period of roughly 5 yrs –they pay YOU BACK! <–read that again, and out loud! Do you know who is working WAY TOO HARD? Our air conditioners and heating systems.

Soooo…let’s give them and us a break. Reduce your energy usage, increase your money savings, make your home an insulating powerhouse and become more eco-friendly with cellular window shades


You win more money in your pocket. Your house reduces it’s energy usage. The world wins.

Every cellular shade that leaves our facility is laden with insulating cells that insulate the window to reduce energy consumption during Summer, Winter, and every month in between.


Order your super stylish and world-saving EcoSmart Cellular Shades today!


Let’s go DUTCH!

When it comes to treading lightly and minimizing environmental impact, the Dutch are far ahead of most of us. Considering that the Netherlands has more bikes per capita than any other nation, almost 1 per person—and Amsterdam has 400 kilometers of bike lanes, the Dutch are clearly serious about reducing their carbon footprint. They’ve even gone so far to make their bike lanes out of solar pavers. Ingenious.

Shown: Thatched Roofed Home in Zevenhuizen, NL

Until the early decades of the 20th century, domestic work was very labor-intensive. Of course, there were hardly any electrical tools, so each household had staff. Lots of staff, if they could afford it. There was a LOT of polishing, washing everything, sweeping all the floors, polishing, scrubbing pots, pans and all surfaces, not to mention lugging milk, firewood and coal. Sooo what did you do when you weren’t wealthy enough for a staff? The lack of servants stimulated research into running a household more efficiently.

And here at EcoSmart Shades, we are ALL about efficiency. *wink*

It’s in our NAME! Eco-SMART!

‘The kitchen is an important part of the house, it is the main work environment of the housewife. The daily care of the meals, i.e. preparing, serving and clearing away, demands a lot of time and attention, which cannot be withheld with impunity. For poorly cared for, unpleasant, meals break up the family ties’. -Courtesty of Hague Design

How to save even MORE time in the kitchen.

The wire dish rack was born. in 1933 by the Dutch Association of Housewives. When washing dishes with hot water, provide them space to dry in a rack! Your much needed tea towel can stay on the hook. The Association gave the specifications for such a dish rack to the Dordrecht wire metal factory Tomado…

Their specifications: 12 plates or saucers and teacups had to fit in together with cutlery.


Let’s fast forward a few decades…..2020 to be exact.

Check out the Unplanned, yet Most Planned Place
This Dutch neighborhood is encouraging their residents to design their own homes and SO MUCH more!

Courtesy of The New York Times.

In the Netherlands, a 10,625-acre community called Almere Oosterwold is demonstrating a democratic way of living. They Netherlands is knowng for very precise building regulations. This community is an experient. An EXCITING experiment. The homeowners of Almere have the design freedom to do what they want. Yes…that’s with or without an architect! The catch? It has meet codes.

Fair enough.

One house in Oosterwold is powered by a bike and built on a rail so that it can turn and follow the sun during the day.

This concept of ‘unplanned community’ was created more than a decade ago. The neighborhood now has some 1,000 houses, with, get this…more than 1000 more in the offing.

The Dutch have always been working WITH the landscape since the beginning. Reclaiming the land from the waters, is the majority of the Netherlands. And recycling, reusing and reducing is instilled in it’s people.

This last showcase is of the creative design to reduce an upcycle plastic bags that have become ingrained in our lives, sadly.

My goal was to alter plastic shopping bags in a way that would extend the lifecycle of the material, to improve its negative qualities and preserve its positive qualities.

This lead to ‘Precious Waste’, a textile made entirely out of used plastic shopping bags that were spun into yarns and then woven. The resulting fabric forms a big contrast with the cheap, mass-produced bags it is made of. The plastic shopping bag is transformed by pure hand work into a beautiful and strong material that’s suitable for making new bags with a much longer life-span, or a wide range of other purposes. No chemicals, no heat or even electricity needed. When this textile is eventually worn out it can still be recycled in the conventional way, because it is not mixed with any other material, and can then be made into a new product once again.

And just like these clever Dutch, our EcoSmart Shades are designed to last decades, to be repaired instead of disposed of. And that makes us quite proud. Shades in windows, not in landfills!

Sooooooo…let’s Go Dutch! Uhmm..I mean, let’s go with smart design, reduce energy and increase efficiency!

Talk with our shade gurus today!



No, we’re not talkin’ bout the kinda roommates that smell or who don’t know how to pick up after themselv….ooohh…wait, YES we do! Yupper, those cute, fluffy floofers that have stolen our hearts and sometimes our sandwiches.

The staffers at ESS wanted to share pix of their roomies!

They Call Me: Chachapuma I’m: 5 years old

My Guilty Pleasure is: Yogurt

Are you a morning or evening pet?: Running laps through my mom’s apartment, and I am very much an evening cat!

What are your life ambitions? …to surprise and delight all who cross my path with my very loud voice and penchant for snuggles!

They Call Me: Kaya(named after the Bob Marley Album)

I’m: Almost 13 years old

My Guilty Pleasure is: Your food. GIMME!

Are you a morning or evening pet?: Imma def a morning doggo. Because the sooner I get up, the sooner I can have my breakfast and take a long nap. I do enjoy groaning VERY dramatically just to express how truly ‘ruff’ my existence is.

What are your life ambitions?food, drooling over food, shedding all year long and endless belly rubs. Don’t Stop. EVER.

They Call Me: Hershey

I’m: 11 years old

My Guilty Pleasure is: Getting into things I shouldn’t (you can tell from my nose)

Are you a morning or evening pet?: YES.

What are your life ambitions?Making people laugh/making people pull their hair out (I’m an enigma), following the cat with every step she takes, barking at all things – both real and imagined annnd To rule the world. Duh.

They Call Me: Benjamin

I’m: 8 years old

My Guilty Pleasure is: Spitefully pooping in the house when I don’t get my way.

Are you a morning or evening pet?: I enjoy the evening. I especially love to RUN as fast as I can around the house until I’m exhausted. ZOOOMIES!

What are your life ambitions?To have my human worship the ground I walk on and finally admit I AM royalty. They’ve nicknamed me ‘Napoleon’….I take offense to that, it should be King Louis XIV.

Here are EVEN more of our teams woofers, doggos, kitties, lizards, birdies and tweeters!

We love them. ? They love us, unconditionally. We wanted to share our furry/feathery/scaly roommates with you, so MAYBE, just maybe youd They bring us so much love.

We’re the lucky ones. We admit it. We’re completely smitten. And we would everything to make their lives comfortable and healthy!

That’s why here at ESS, pet safety and kiddo safety) is a TOP priority!

All of our corded shades come with secure hold downs, so horrible accidents like this NEVER happen on our watch!

Learn more about our cordless shades.