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Let’s talk EcoSmart!

No struggles in Brussels!

"EcoSmart Shades is a very professional and reliable company, I’ve been using their products for [...]

Shades for Bay Windows: What You Need to Know

With their panoramic views and plenty of natural light, bay windows are beloved for their [...]

5 Signs Your Shades Need to Be Replaced

As any homeowner knows, your window shades are much more than just covers for your [...]

Recycled Bottles into SHADES?!

Our latest and greatest roller shade offering of course!! Ambient Renew is made up of [...]

Meet Sunny!

Meet "Sunny"! Well, that's her nickname. Her full name is Sloan "Sunbeam" Stewart. Learn the [...]

Single vs. Double Cell Honeycomb Shades: What’s the Difference?

When it comes to the variety of window treatments available, the amount of choice can [...]

How to Install Top-down/Bottom-up Shades

Top-down/Bottom-up Cellular Shades are versatile shades that allow for the ultimate control of light and [...]

How Do Top-down/bottom-up Shades Work?

When it comes to window treatments, most are seeking a combination of functionality, style, and [...]

Cell Ordering Tips from our Shade Gurus

Tips directly from our Shade Gurus on ordering EcoSmart Cellular Shades.

Happy Customers!

We've said it before...our customers are AMAZING! We've shared some of the radiant reviews, tantalizing [...]