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Our customers are the BEST. THE BEST. Take Jim....

Single or Double? Double or Single?

You find yourself in a cell shade pickel? Ya need to decide whether you want [...]

Now Featured on Earth911!

... when someone as prestigious, influential, and environmentally conscious as Earth911 takes notice

Common Window Sizes and Dimensions

Are you shopping for new windows or shades for your home? It can be challenging [...]

Funky or Fresh?

What's your style?

TOTALLY turning 3 ‘shades’ of red over here.

OH MY GOOOOOODNESS, Y'all! You are seriously are the SWEETEST shade customers EVER!

Need a repair?

Built to last decades, but sometimes....

Fa La La La La…let’s CLEAN shades!

Cleaning isn't only for Springtime! Yeah yeah yeah...usually Springtime is the traditional time to do [...]

Unique AND very necessary gift ideas!

We all know how important it is to support small biz and artisans.... And we [...]


There's a lot that goes into Stack Height & the Shade Gurus at EcoSmart broke [...]