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A Guide to Bedroom Window Treatments

Got questions about which style of window shade is best for your bedroom? Our shade [...]

6 Things to Consider with a Window Shading.

but then it happens....your eyes gaze out your windows…UGH. Mis-matched drapery, ill-fitting miniblinds you bought [...]

Helen gave us a holler!

An old home gets a hug!

5 Signs Your Shades Need to Be Replaced

As any homeowner knows, your window shades are much more than just covers for your [...]

Merilynn LOVES our Shades!

"I’m a 77 year old woman so if I can do it, so can you."

Roller Ordering Tips from our Shade Gurus!

Here at EcoSmart Shades, we’ve been shading the world for over 3 decades… We’ve learned [...]

Best Window Treatments for Window Seats

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David Is Correct!!

You never know what you're going to get when you order something over the internet [...]

Our Customers ROCK!

Our customers, well to put it simply, THEY ROCK!