Any one can sell you a shade…

But here at EcoSmart, our Shade Gurus will empower you! Empower you to find the right shading for your home, your specific needs, your style annnnd your budget.

Check this out, our Shade Gurus have created some VERY helpful measuring guides. Not only step-by-step instructions, but helpful tips and wonderful worksheets!

🎶 Sitting on the dock on the bay….🎵

*clears throat*

I mean…measuring for Bay windows!

Do you have a group of windows…and you don’t know how to shade them??! 


Doors…all the doors! So, yes…you can shade doors. 

If you’re wanting to shade the glass of the door for more privacy, follow our very handy dandy instructions for “Inside Mount”.

Tip:  Be aware of your door handle!

Do you have a lever handle like this? You’re in luck! 

Our EcoSmart Roller Shades and EcoSmart Cellular Shades will fit! 

Now if you want to mount your shading on the OUTSIDE of your door, here are some things you have to think about.


Our Shade Gurus hope these super awesome worksheets…..well…WORK for you. And you know, if you have questions, our Gurus are GREAT!

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