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Recycled Bottles into SHADES?!

Our latest and greatest roller shade offering of course!! Ambient Renew is made up of [...]

Roller Ordering Tips from our Shade Gurus!

Here at EcoSmart Shades, we’ve been shading the world for over 3 decades… We’ve learned [...]

Reviews are ROLLING in.

Our customers are falling head over heels for us!

What are Roller Shades?

Roller shades are a low profile style of shade that rolls up and down when [...]

Hiding Shades!?

You can't see them, but yes, our made in Vermont, automated EcoSmart Roller Shades are [...]

Landmark Trust and EcoSmart Roller Shades!

As a nonprofit historic preservation organization, the Landmark Trust takes pride in the fact that [...]

Funky or Fresh?

What's your style?

TOTALLY turning 3 ‘shades’ of red over here.

OH MY GOOOOOODNESS, Y'all! You are seriously are the SWEETEST shade customers EVER!

Need a repair?

Built to last decades, but sometimes....

Fa La La La La…let’s CLEAN shades!

Cleaning isn't only for Springtime! Yeah yeah yeah...usually Springtime is the traditional time to do [...]