We all know the benefits of sliding glass doors in the home: natural light, feeling connected to the outdoors, and much more. However, while we might love the sunlight and view that our sliding glass doors bring to the home some of the time, other times, we wish we had the ability to control the amount of light coming in, and create a sense of privacy. 

Our team chats with many customers facing similar challenges regarding their sliding glass doors. Our recommendation? Adding window shades. 

In this blog post, we’ll explore why window shades are an excellent choice for sliding glass doors– and share our top five recommendations for the best options available. 

Why Use Shades on Sliding Glass Doors? 

Using window shades on your sliding glass doors offers the same benefits as the shades on your windows do. Besides the light control and privacy that they offer, using shades can improve insulation all year round, reducing energy bills and maintaining a more comfortable temperature indoors.

But not all shades are created equal. Here are 5 recommendations for sliding glass door window treatments from our team: 

Our Top 5 Recommendations 

1. Motorized Roller Shades

For a simple solution with plenty of opportunity for customization, try motorized roller shades. This style of shade can be raised or lowered with a press of a button, making them ideal for hard-to-reach areas or for folks who need assistance lifting the shades from floor height. Choose from a selection of transparencies– from sheer to blackout– and we’ll custom-build your motor-powered shade and deliver them directly to your door.

2. Motorized Cellular Shades

Known for their superior insulating properties, motorized cellular shades are a top choice when it comes to energy efficiency. The honeycomb design traps air, creating a barrier that helps regulate your home’s temperature. These shades also provide a sleek, modern look and are available in various colors and cell sizes. Just like motorized roller shades, their motorization feature creates effortless operation that can be integrated with home automation systems like Alexa, Google Home, Apple Homekit.

3. Chain Operated Roller Shades

Chain Operated Roller Shades offer simple operation, sleek fabric, and amazing durability. Their chain and clutch/pulley system allow you to raise and lower even the largest shades with ease. Easy to operate and allow for precise control over light and privacy, this style of shade is available in fabrics that range from sheer 10% transparency to blackout, so you’ll find the right solution for light filtering and privacy in any room. 

4. Corded Cellular Window Shades

Corded cellular window shades combine style, easy operation, and affordability into durable shades that look great while saving on energy costs for years to come. Their cellular structure offers superior insulation, while the corded mechanism allows for smooth and easy operation. These shades are available in a variety of colors, providing both style and practicality. Select any of our available fabric types and options for that perfect window covering for your sliding glass door.

5. Top-down/Bottom-up Cellular Shades

The ultimate solution for maximizing privacy, light control, and energy efficiency in any space, top-down/bottom-up cellular shades can be adjusted from the top down or the bottom up, allowing you to maintain privacy while still letting in natural light. This feature is particularly useful for sliding glass doors in rooms where you want to balance light and privacy throughout the day. TDBU functionality is also available with any of our corded or cordless cellular shade styles – with the exception of motorized shades – and with any of our available fabric types.

Just like the shades on your windows, adding shades to your sliding glass doors allows for light control, increased privacy, and improved energy efficiency. With any questions or concerns about which style of shade is right for your home, get in touch with our shade gurus for personalized recommendations.