No, we’re not talkin’ bout the kinda roommates that smell or who don’t know how to pick up after themselv….ooohh…wait, YES we do! Yupper, those cute, fluffy floofers that have stolen our hearts and sometimes our sandwiches.

The staffers at ESS wanted to share pix of their roomies!

They Call Me: Chachapuma I’m: 5 years old

My Guilty Pleasure is: Yogurt

Are you a morning or evening pet?: Running laps through my mom’s apartment, and I am very much an evening cat!

What are your life ambitions? …to surprise and delight all who cross my path with my very loud voice and penchant for snuggles!

They Call Me: Kaya(named after the Bob Marley Album)

I’m: Almost 13 years old

My Guilty Pleasure is: Your food. GIMME!

Are you a morning or evening pet?: Imma def a morning doggo. Because the sooner I get up, the sooner I can have my breakfast and take a long nap. I do enjoy groaning VERY dramatically just to express how truly ‘ruff’ my existence is.

What are your life ambitions?food, drooling over food, shedding all year long and endless belly rubs. Don’t Stop. EVER.

They Call Me: Hershey

I’m: 11 years old

My Guilty Pleasure is: Getting into things I shouldn’t (you can tell from my nose)

Are you a morning or evening pet?: YES.

What are your life ambitions?Making people laugh/making people pull their hair out (I’m an enigma), following the cat with every step she takes, barking at all things – both real and imagined annnd To rule the world. Duh.

They Call Me: Benjamin

I’m: 8 years old

My Guilty Pleasure is: Spitefully pooping in the house when I don’t get my way.

Are you a morning or evening pet?: I enjoy the evening. I especially love to RUN as fast as I can around the house until I’m exhausted. ZOOOMIES!

What are your life ambitions?To have my human worship the ground I walk on and finally admit I AM royalty. They’ve nicknamed me ‘Napoleon’….I take offense to that, it should be King Louis XIV.

Here are EVEN more of our teams woofers, doggos, kitties, lizards, birdies and tweeters!

We love them. ? They love us, unconditionally. We wanted to share our furry/feathery/scaly roommates with you, so MAYBE, just maybe youd They bring us so much love.

We’re the lucky ones. We admit it. We’re completely smitten. And we would everything to make their lives comfortable and healthy!

That’s why here at ESS, pet safety and kiddo safety) is a TOP priority!

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