As humans, we invest in our spaces. Whether it’s meaningful artwork that decorates our walls or the right couch to unwind on after a long day, we see the value in a home that’s comfortable and reflects our life experience. 

According to a study by Gettysburg College, one-third of the average person’s life is spent in the workplace. While we understand that the workspace is certainly not the home, we do believe– and research shows– that a comfortable working environment impacts productivity and employee retention over time. 

The right window treatments for the office can contribute to the overall comfort of office staff, as it provides much-needed light control, privacy, and impacts the overall feel of the space. Below, we put together a guide to 5 of our team’s suggestions for the best office window treatments. Let’s dive in. 

1. Light-filtering Roller Shades

We all agree that natural light is a good thing. But what’s that saying about too much of a good thing? Well, whatever it is, its point is that it’s important to achieve balance. 

For offices with an abundance of natural light, light-filtering roller shades are the perfect solution, offering a sleek and modern aesthetic while softly diffusing sunlight to illuminate your space without the harshness of direct sun. Light-filtering roller shades allow natural light in, while still protecting against UV rays that damage furniture and create screen glare. Their simplicity in design and operation also means they easily blend with any office decor, providing a clean look.

2. Room-darkening Roller Shades

For some workspaces, such as those where folks are frequently giving presentations, the ability to blackout a room is a must. 

In cases such as these, we recommend Room-darkening Roller Shades, designed to provide substantial light blockage. Available in a variety of materials and colors, these shades not only serve a functional purpose, but contribute to the room’s aesthetic, ensuring that style is not sacrificed for utility.

3. Top-down Bottom-up Cellular Shades

For spaces where versatility is key, such as ground floor offices or office spaces in busy urban environments, we recommend top-down bottom-up cellular shades. These shades allow users to adjust the shade from both the top and the bottom, meaning they can let in light from the top while maintaining privacy at eye level. 

Additionally, the cellular design provides insulation, helping to regulate office temperatures and reduce energy costs.

4. Cordless Cellular Shades

Hotel Suite with Light Filtering Cordless Cellular Shades

Offices are often high-traffic environments, meaning, lots of different people are trickling in and out on any given day. In spaces such as these, safety and cleanliness are important factors to take into consideration. 
Our cordless cellular shades eliminate the risk of entanglement with cords, making them a safe option for offices frequented by children or pets. The absence of cords presents a cleaner, more streamlined appearance, complementing modern office designs. Like their top-down bottom-up counterparts, these shades also offer excellent insulation, thanks to their honeycomb construction, enhancing the office’s comfort and energy efficiency.

5. Skylight Cellular Shades

Office spaces that feature skylights benefit from natural overhead light that make the space feel larger and more open. However, controlling this light, especially throughout the summer months, is often challenging. 

One easy way to control unwanted light from skylights is with shades that have been designed specifically for this purpose: to provide light control in skylight windows. These shades help reduce glare and heat gain, ensuring a comfortable working environment year-round.

Just as they can in the home, the right window treatments transform an office space, making it more comfortable and functional for all. Be sure to shop our full collection of commercial window shades, or get in touch with our team of experts with questions or concerns.