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Do Roller Shades Block Heat? 

In the heat of summer, many homeowners wonder whether their Roller Shades are helping to [...]

No struggles in Brussels!

"EcoSmart Shades is a very professional and reliable company, I’ve been using their products for [...]

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5 Signs Your Shades Need to Be Replaced

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Recycled Bottles into SHADES?!

Our latest and greatest roller shade offering of course!! Ambient Renew is made up of [...]

Meet Sunny!

Meet "Sunny"! Well, that's her nickname. Her full name is Sloan "Sunbeam" Stewart. Learn the [...]

Single vs. Double Cell Honeycomb Shades: What’s the Difference?

When it comes to the variety of window treatments available, the amount of choice can [...]

How to Install Top-down/Bottom-up Shades

Top-down/Bottom-up Cellular Shades are versatile shades that allow for the ultimate control of light and [...]

How Do Top-down/bottom-up Shades Work?

When it comes to window treatments, most are seeking a combination of functionality, style, and [...]

Cell Ordering Tips from our Shade Gurus

Tips directly from our Shade Gurus on ordering EcoSmart Cellular Shades.