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Happy Customers!

We've said it before...our customers are AMAZING! We've shared some of the radiant reviews, tantalizing [...]

David Is Correct!!

You never know what you're going to get when you order something over the internet [...]

How to Clean Cellular Shades: Advice from the Experts

Learning how to clean Cellular Shades is a skill that comes in handy, especially when [...]


We can tell you how AMAZING our shades are, until we're BLUE in the face. [...]

Super Smart Shades!

Motorized EcoSmart Shades do all the work so you don’t have to. [...]

For REAL….Vermont For Real.

Vermont sunrises are awesome… until they’re blinding you at 5am! We recently moved into a [...]

How to make your Home Office amazing!

Together, we can make your home office stylish, insulated and private. All you have to [...]

Improve your quality of sleep!

A study on the bedroom environment of women, around 50% of volunteers, noticed improved sleep [...]

EcoSmart Shades are SO EASY to install!

Our amazing customers in The Villages, Florida were awesome enough to do a step-by-step how-to [...]

Home Reno BOOM!

See what happens when people pull together as a community? We become the MOST attractive [...]