Making Their Lives EASIER- Shade Makeover!

Check out this winning combination of motorized shades and corded EcoSmart Shades!

EEEK! Jim told us that he could never get the original shades to ever level out, ever since he bought the house.

“You have NO idea how frustrating it is to raise the shades every morning, only for them to look like this. I knew I had to change them, to preserve my sanity.” 

We hear THAT! Jim wanted to make his life is easy peasy lemon squeezy with our motorized shades. Our EcoSmart Shades run off of either a battery pack or a 12-V plug-in transformer, and can be controlled by a remote, wall switch, timer, or even with a sun sensor!

Or in other words…

Jim shared with us, “It used to get incredibly hot, since we took down some trees. I am very happy to find shades that are made in the USA and that STAY Level. Thank you for preserving my sanity.”

We’re SO happy you found us too, Jim!

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