EcoSmart motorized cellular window shades start with our premium cellular components, then we add smooth, reliable motorization using select components from the world-wide leader in automated shade solutions, Rollease-Acmeda. Power your motorized shades with either a plug-in power supply or rechargeable battery pack, and control them with our multi-channel remote or add home automation features with our optional wifi hub. Sit back, relax, and let our shades do the work!


Great idea! Start with the basics…

On our Cellular Shade Styles page, you will find information on…

  • Minimum and maximum widths and heights.
  • Available fabric types.
  • Available power options.
  • Available control options.

… and other essential details pertaining to our motorized cellular blinds.

On our Measuring for Cellular Shades page, you will find the mounting requirements for the shade itself. To learn more about specific motorization components, keep reading below…

As always, we use only the best available components.

Most of the premium components used in every EcoSmart cellular shade are provided by Comfortex Window Fashions in upstate New York. Our “Automate” motorization components are provided by Rollease-Acmeda, the world’s leading manufacturer of high-end motorization solutions for window coverings.

And of course, all of our EcoSmart Shades are assembled right here in our Vermont, USA facility!

Power your EcoSmart shades electrically or use rechargeable battery power.

Our smooth and powerful Rollease-Acmeda motor is built right into the headrail (top rail) of your EcoSmart cellular shade. To power the motor, you have a few great choices…

Rechargeable Lithium Battery Pack – Depending on the size of your motorized cellular shade and the frequency of use, our battery pack can power the shade for up to 6-12 months between charges. When it does need recharging, you simply connect our charging cable to the battery and plug the other end into a power outlet. The battery pack can be conveniently mounted to the back of the shade’s headrail if you have at least 4 inches of window frame depth. Otherwise, it can be mounted with screws or included adhesive strips wherever it’s most practical.

What about solar recharging? We offer that too! However, due to the particular requirements involved in ensuring proper charging, we’d prefer to talk to you before you purchase this option. We want to make sure it’s right for your situation, so please give us a call!

Plug-in Power Supply – If you have a power outlet near your window, this is as easy as it gets. Your shade will remain permanently plugged into the outlet, and you’ll never have to worry about recharging. The cord from the motor to the outlet (and any required extension cords we provide) are relatively thin, to reduce visibility, and power usage is minimal.

Hard Wiring – Usually best during new construction, this allows you to run wiring inside your walls, eliminating most cord visibility. However, as this extends beyond the DIY spirit of our Internet offerings and service, we highly recommend involving an electrician, and our ability to advise and assist will be limited. Please contact us if you would like to pursue this option.

So now we’ve come to the fun part!

After all, the point of motorized blinds is that they should be effortless to use, and our EcoSmart motorized cellular shades provide several fantastic options for easy (and yes, fun!) operation…

Remote Controls – Our 15-channel remotes allow each shade to be programmed to a specific channel and/or groups of shades can be programmed to operate simultaneously. Want to bring more light into your living room ? Select the appropriate channel and raise all of your living room shades at once!

Included with each of our remotes is a light-weight wall-mount holder. Mount the holder to the wall and your remote attaches to it magnetically. This is a very convenient way to keep track of your remote and/or keep it out of the reach of small children.

Home Automation – Now we’re talking! Our optional Automate Pulse 2 WiFi Hub opens up a world of home automation options for operating your motorized cell shades. Here are some of the exciting possibilities…


Smartphone Control – The free Pulse 2 smartphone app (for IOS or Android) pairs with our wifi hub to allow…

  • Controlling your shades with your phone.
  • Controlling your shades remotely. Imagine being able to open and close your shades while you’re at work or on vacation!
  • Setting automated timers for your shades. Sometimes it’s easier to just “set it and forget it” – and now you can with auto timers!
  • Creating shade “rooms” – Create groups of shades that you want to operate simultaneously – whether they’re in the same room or not!
  • Creating shade “scenes” – Let’s say that first thing in the morning you want your master bedroom shades to open, one bathroom shade to close, and a particular kitchen shade to open 1/4 of the way. Hey, there’s your first “scene”!

Smart Home Integration – Pair your favorite smart device or home automation system with the wifi hub and your Smart Home will become even smarter, with automated window shades! The Pulse 2 Hub is compatible with…

  • Alexa
  • Google Home
  • Apple Homekit
  • And many more home automation systems

NOTE:  Technical support for device/system integration is limited to Alexa, Google Home, Apple Homekit, and the Pulse 2 app at this time. Please contact us if you intend to integrate with a different system.

You can order right here at out website!

Configure and order your motorized cellular blinds using our Cellular Shade Customizer. Or if you prefer, just give us a call and we’d be happy to answer any questions and help you through the process!


EcoSmart Motorized Shades Plug-In Power Supply

Plug-In Power Supply

Keep your motorized EcoSmart cellular window shades powered at all times, with a plug-in power supply! No need to worry about recharging. Just connect one end to the motor during installation and plug the other end into a standard wall outlet. Your shades will be continuously powered so you can relax and enjoy them!

EcoSmart Automate 5V Battery Pack for Motorized Cellular Shades

Rechargeable Battery Pack

Our rechargeable lithium battery pack will power your shade for months between charges! When it is time to recharge, just plug one end of our extra-long charging cable into the battery and the other end into a standard wall outlet. Your shade will be ready to roll for another several months!

EcoSmart Automate Solar Charging Panel for Motorized Cellular Shades

Solar Charging Panel

Our solar charging panel isn’t for everyone, but it sure is amazing! Use the solar panel to continuously recharge your battery pack. Talk about energy-efficient window shades! (Please contact us prior to purchasing, so we can help you determine if solar panels are right for your situation.)

EcoSmart Automate 15-Channel Remote for Motorized Window Shades

15-Channel Remote Control

Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of our 15-channel remote. It packs a punch! Operate your cellular shades independently, in groups, or all at once. Set favorite shade positions. Set upper and lower limits. Hide channels, lock the settings, and more. And for convenient storage, you can even attach your remote to the included wall mount magnetically!

EcoSmart Pulse 2 WiFi Hub for Motorized Shades

Automate Pulse 2 WiFi Hub

This is where things really get magical! Our Pulse 2 WiFi Hub enables an array of home automation options for your EcoSmart motorized cellular shades. Combine the hub and free smartphone app (IOS or Android) to power individual or groups of shades at home or remotely – or set timers to do the work for you. Do you already have a home automation solution for your other smart devices? More than likely, the Pulse 2 Hub will integrate seamlessly, allowing you to control your window shades with Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Homekit, and other popular smart home devices and systems.



Our EcoSmart Motorized Cellular Window Shades use only top-of-the-line motorization components and accessories from the Rollease-Acmeda Automate line. Interested in the technical details? Download the component PDF documents below to learn more!


Installing and/or configuring EcoSmart Motorized Cellular Shade components and accessories is much easier than you might think. For starters, we do most of the work for you! Your remote(s) will come pre-programmed to operate your shades, and your shades will be pre-programmed to stop at the appropriate fully-open and fully-closed positions. In fact, you won’t need to do much at all – unless you decide to make changes to the existing programming later. You can learn more about the various installation and programming procedures by downloading the relevant PDF documents below.


Take advantage of the most advanced features our our EcoSmart motorized cellular blinds by adding the optional Automate Pulse 2 Hub and downloading the free Pulse 2 smartphone app for IOS (Apple) or Android. Or configure the hub to work with your existing home automation device or system. Operate your shades at home or remotely. Group shades together to operate simultaneously. Set timers for your shades and make them completely automated. Download the appropriate PDF documents below to see how you can maximize the potential of your motorized EcoSmart shades.