We are not joking. We are totally serious.

You NEVER, ever EVER want to do this with just any cellular fabric that’s on the market.
NO way.
NO how.

You’ll watch right before your eyes, as your ‘quality’ name-brand honeycomb fabric, well…we can’t even say it. *shudder*

But not EcoSmart Cell Fabric!

Our bonded fabric is:

  • SUPER Strong.
  • SUPER Durable.
  • SUPER Stain-Resistant

Yeah, you read that right. Our light-filtering fabric is WASHABLE. Your mind is blown, right? 

Imagine if you will…you’re hosting an amazing asian cooking extravaganza…epic playlist croonin’ away, friends have gathered, drinks are poured.

Woks are fired, noodles simmering…veggies are sliced, diced, and proteins are tossed in…add some flavor…and EEEEKKK!


A Soy Sauce Catastrophe! 😬🤦‍♀️

SONOFA….ughhhh soy sauce splashes and sprays alllll over your EcoSmart Cell Shades.

Don’t you worry. Don’t you fret.

Just take down your shade, bring to your sink, a light scrub-a-dub-dub and crisis averted! Whew.

Say Sayōnara to that soy sauce!!!

Watch as Kelly (our awesome president) demonstrates…