You GUYS! We’re turning ALL ‘shades’ of red over here…



Oh my STARS, ya’ll say the sweetest, shade-lovin’ things!!!😍

One of our super shade gurus worked with Roy on his purchase of his first 2 shades (behind the couch).
Then he fell in ‘shady’ love and got 2 MORE to cover the window and door.

EcoSmart Shades was very patient and pleasant as I measured and ordered. The instructions they supply are detailed and I was able to install the shades myself although one of them was large. Most important is that I went to the trouble and expense of having some large windows replaced with double-pane windows, but the Eco-Smart shades had a bigger impact on controlling heat loss than the double-paned windows did.” – Bill F. in Los Angeles, CA

EcoSmart provided honeycomb blinds for our house when we first built it in 1994. They were a third party vendor to a local furniture store at that time. When it came time to replace a few that had deteriorated with age (27 years!) we found the label on the bottom of a shade and contacted EcoSmart directly. They were able to color match our existing shades and provided replacements as needed. Definitely returning next year when we will update some more throughout the house.” – Robert B. in Pawling, NY

“I just installed the first shade yesterday in the stairwell of our newly purchased 1929 brick colonial. We absolutely love them. Huge improvement over the previous owner’s drapes. Thank you! I plan to order more shades for several other rooms in my home.” – Andrew in Virginia

“Sometimes making the most earth friendly choices for my home can be tricky. Secondhand is ALWAYS best, but I ran into trouble when searching for shades. I couldn’t find secondhand shades for this size window after months of searching. I could have continued waiting for a secondhand shade to come my way, but winter is coming! And without shades we’ll need to use more heat in the home. Now my next predicament was finding quality shades that would have the best environmental and social impact… enter Ecosmart Shades! While the fabric is not natural, it is extremely insulating to conserve heat in winter and reduce AC use in summer. The shades are custom made to order in Vermont, too! Supporting a local company is so important. I installed these myself and am extremely pleased with them. I would highly recommend EcoSmart Shades….”Larchmore Creative



*having a severe case of the vapors*

Whew…we’re ok. *clears throat* Stop reading all these super kind, (and SUPER RIGHT!) words, and order YOURS today. Talk to our Shade Gurus NOW.

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