EcoSmart energy-saving side tracks add EXTRA insulation and light-blocking to any of our cellular shade styles, with the exception of motorized shades.

C’mon, you already know, we’ve done the math.

For ultimate energy savings, add these babies to our Double-Cell Blackout Shades for a 66% energy loss reduction.

(compared to heat loss of a uncovered single pane window).




This window was photographed in a controlled laboratory setting using thermal photography, a process that distinguishes temperature zones as indicated by the color transitions. See the difference our cellular shades with Energy Saving Side Tracks makes compared to an uncovered window.

Left- Uncovered Window The blue color in this photo indicates the temperature loss of a naked, single pane window.

Center- Window With Our Cell Fabric This photo shows the same window wearing a Cellular Shade with standard hardware. Note the color gradation from blue to green to yellow. The warmer colors indicate a temperature increase due to the inherent insulating effect of cellular fabric.

Right- Window With Cell Fabric & Sidetracks
Add the Energy-Saving Sidetracks System and the coldest blues fade away! Energy leaks are nearly eliminated since Sidetracks seals the gap between the fabric edge and window frame.

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With the cost of heating your home rising, you need all the help you can get to keep the heat in and the cold air out.

Close the Gap – with Energy-Saving Sidetracks, the energy-sucking gap is BLOCKED!  windows to stop the energy leaks that unnecessarily inflate your heating bills.

Room-Darkening – Now let’s talk about the magical room-darkening skills of these bad boys!

Sidetracks are AHHHMMAZING for energy savings, but for bedrooms and theater rooms they’re light-blocking abilities cannot be beat!

Are you super light-sensitive? Yeah, me too. Suffer from migraines? BINGO

Take control over how the light enters your space; you want a light-free room in your home where you can relax in darkness during an inconvenient migraine episode. If the room has any sort of sheer window treatments that allows natural light into the space, you’re going to want to remove these immediately. Blackout window shades will provide you with complete control of the light. Even blackout shades let a very small amount of light into your space because of the small opening between the shade and the window’s trim. Sidetracks will aid in removing light from your space. They essentially create a seal around your window from top to bottom, which, when installed properly, blocks out 100% of the light.

*cough must-have-for-nurseries-cough*

EcoSmart Blackout Shades, have even more light-blocking skill. You’ll find at the top, our fuzzy seal that blocks even MORE exterior light. The sidetrack system is attached magnetically and is easy to pop off for cleaning the window treatments. Super easy.
9 outta 10 snoozing babies agree!

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