We all know the pure joy and freedom that is felt, when we ride around in a convertible. The wind blowing our hair, Sun on our shoulders, yet still with the protection of the windshield. It’s kinda the same feeling you’ll achieve with Top Down/Bottom Up shades.

The most versatile way to balance both privacy and light control is a top down/bottom up shade. Or if you’re into the whole brevity thing, TDBU.

This operating system allows you to raise and lower your shades from both the top and bottom.  With this system, you have the power to create the most perfect balance between natural sunlight and privacy. It’s effortless. Wanna show off your dancing shoes and keep your identity safe? Want to see what the weather is like, once you step out of the shower, and NOT scare the bejesus outta your neighbors? Then TDBU shades are for YOU!Room Darkening EcoSmart Cell Shade in Guest Room

And if you have, (like I do) a doggo that feels he has to protect you from the mailpersons, a stray leaf or ANYONE who has the unmitigated gaul to walk in front our home, TDBU shades will save your sanity!

These shades mount at the top of the window frame, just like our regular shades, but they come with a middle bar beneath the headrail that allows you to lower the shade from the top of the window, as well as the traditional “bottom up” direction.

TDBU has another nickname, “duofold”. But whatever you call them, these shades are THE best of both worlds. TDBU is becoming one of THE MOST popular operations among all window treatments because of its extreme versatility and is an ideal treatment for a wide range of rooms and lighting conditions.

Shown Here: Your customers can have their privacy, sunshine and their cake, TOO!


Top Down/Bottom Up shades are IDEAL for restaurants and offices. (I have them in my home office and I don’t know how I lived without them!)

Soooo..talk with our Shade Gurus today and you’ll LOVE TOP DOWN livin’!