“Fitting the mission of Studio 804 this residence will be built to the U.S. Green Build Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Platinum Standards. In addition to the financial benefits that a LEED Platinum project has for the future homeowner they will have the peace of mind that the house supports the community and minimizes its impact on the environment in several metrics.” – courtesy of Studio804.com

If that doesn’t scream, EcoSmart Shades, I don’t know what does! It feels like destiny that we found each other. Our Shade Guru David, has been working with these grrreat grad students for a couple of months now, to ensure THE perfect shading for their Indiana net zero design.

Indiana House January ’23

Currently under constuction, hoping to be completed next month. The students are being very thoughtful with every detail of this build, including the shading.


“Studio 804 hopes to share the social vision of like-minded entities and foresees a partnership in which both organizations achieve the social vision to better the community through education and the development of affordable, sustainable, and energy-efficient buildings. Our constant pursuit of the latest products and building techniques provides an opportunity for international companies to use our buildings as a showcase in the U.S. market.” –courtesy of Studio804.com

4.18.23  Update on the Progress!!




EcoSmart Roller Shades – Motorized

No wonder the University of Kansas Grad students selected our EcoSmart Roller Shades.

They’re economical, incredibly durable, and have a sleek look that won’t detract from their amazingly sleek design.

Stay TUNED to see the final home! We are SO excited to be a part of this sustainable, energy efficient home.