We have someone we’d like to introduce to you!

Meet “Sunny”!

Well, that’s her nickname. Her full name is Sloan “Sunbeam” Stewart.

Here’s a little backstory on our super sassy and Smart Shade Guru, Sunny.

Her parents were the quintessential Vermont hippies. Sunny grew up on a cooperative farm, growing/selling organic produce and flowers. Growing up in such a tight knit community, really instilled ‘we’re all in this together’ mentality, in Sunny.

Protecting the planet, caring for the land, animals and community has always been in the forefront of Sunny’s green heart.

Thinking “Green” is second nature!

Recycle, Reduce, Reuse was like learning her ABC’s.

And sustainability became a daily practice.

So it was only natural for Sloan, ehem I mean, Sunny, to be a Shade Guru!

SoOOOo…when you see Sunny on our site, you’ll know there is a fun Eco fact, energy saving tip or savvy sustainability info to learn!