top-down/bottom-up shades

As any homeowner knows, your window shades are much more than just covers for your windows: they’re a contributor to your home’s overall style and functionality. 

However, like most items in your space, window shades don’t last forever. Here are five tell-tale signs that it’s time to replace your shades (or at least take advantage of our Limited Lifetime Warranty).

1. Fading Colors and Material Deterioration

While we all love a space with a lot of light, the downside of extensive sunlight is that it can lead to window shades that feature faded colors and a tired appearance over time. The shades’ material, too, may begin to fray or show signs of wear and tear. 

This deterioration not only affects the appearance of your shades, but its functionality as well, as if the fabric has become thin, it may not provide the desired level of privacy or light control. 

2. Difficulty in Operation

The last thing anyone wants early in the morning or after a long day at work is to come home to uncooperative shades. By “uncooperative” we mean shades that struggle to be raised or lowered, tilt to one side, or refuse to stay in the desired position. 

If this sounds like you, it might be time to replace your shades. 

Modern shades are designed for smooth, effortless operation, often with the added convenience of motorization. Replacing old, difficult-to-operate shades with new, user-friendly ones can significantly enhance your daily living experience. If you find yourself struggling to raise, lower, or adjust your shades, or if they don’t stay in place once adjusted, it’s a clear indication of a wearing mechanism. 

3. Lack of Modern Features

For many, the modern home is a smart home, and today’s shades come loaded with features that provide both convenience and efficiency. From motorization and smart home integration to increased energy efficiency and UV protection, contemporary shades are leagues ahead of older models. 

If you’re seeking shades with any of the above features, it might be time for an upgrade. 

4. Inadequate Light Control or Privacy 

As anyone whose home is just a little too close to their neighbors knows, the primary function of window shades is to provide privacy. If your shades are falling short of the needs of your space, it’s time for a replacement. Perhaps your current shades no longer block out light effectively, or the material has become too thin to provide adequate privacy. 

Modern shades come in a variety of materials and designs to ensure privacy while complementing your home’s decor. Upgrading to new shades can significantly improve the comfort and privacy in your space for years to come.

5. Energy Inefficiency 

Did you know that certain shades, such as Cellular Shades, are insulated, which reduces the load on your heating and cooling systems? You heard that right. And when you reduce your home’s dependency on systems that require energy, you reduce your energy bill along with it. 

If your current shades are lacking in thermal insulation properties, you might not be taking advantage of the benefits modern window shades can bring to the table. 

For more information on replacing your current window shades or the varieties that we offer, be sure to reach out to our Shade Gurus.