So the pandemic slowed things down? Well… not everywhere!

“This is all-time highs,” Anderson says. “In terms of like measured history in the United States, this is the, the highest levels of, of home improvement spending we’ve ever seen.” – NPR

Source: JCHS tabulations of The Farnsworth Group-Home Improvement Research Institute, COVID Home Improvement Impact Tracker, 2020.

“My partner and I, we like to travel quite a bit,” Taylor says, smiling. “We like theater. We like live music. And so that’s how we spend our money. But then suddenly all that stopped, and so, if I can’t travel, I chose to put my energy in the place where I am.”

WAY TO GO WANDA! Photo Courtesy of NPR

Wanda is standing in a newly finished basement with a super comfy den, a pantry and a wet bar and a pantry. She did all of this since the coronavirus pandemic.

Opportunities brought by the pandemic
Homeowners are making progress on their long-overdue “to-do” list of home improvement and renovation projects. Greater than 71% of owners undertaking DIY projects during the pandemic report that they had planned these projects prior to the pandemic.

Most of the DIY projects are relatively simple with their newfound time to sprucing up their home. Painting, wallpapering are most common projects. Quick, with immediate gratification!

And window decor is no different! Re-investing your money back into your home with energy efficient cellular or roller shades has immediate bennies!

Shown Below: Motorized EcoSmart Roller Shades

Shown Below: EcoSmart Cell Shades with Top Down/Bottom Up Operation

“It feels like there’s kind of a big reset happening,” Buhr says. “A lot more people are focusing on their family, their homes, you know, the stuff in our immediate vicinity. People’s bubbles have shrunk.”Courtesy of NPR

Over 3 out of 4 homeowners whom surveyed have completed a major project since the start of the COVID pandemic. Homeowners that are younger than 40. are most likely completing projects this year (2020), and >50% of baby boomers have done home improvement work too.

THAT’S A LOT OF WORK! And it’s not just checking off the ‘to-do lists’ , it’s zhushing their homes to sell and upgrade all together.

Here in Vermont the uptick of Real Estate has been INTENSE!

See what happens when people pull together as a community? We become the MOST attractive place to live. Vermont is magical. We knew this before COVID-19. If you have or were thinking about placing your home on the market, now could be a GREAT time to get the ultimate bang for your buck.

We hear it ALL the time. “Do window treatments REALLY increase the value of our home?”

And our answer is unequivocally a resounding “YES!”

Upgrading your window treatments not only LOOKS great, but more importantly adds value to your home, whether you’re putting your home on the market or not.

When reviewing your home with your realtor, be clear about why you’ve selected the window treatments you have. Why? You’ve solved specific problems for the future owners. You’ll look like a hero to the possible buyers.

Homeowners are likely getting extra incentive from the record high amount of home equity they now have. Home prices continue to gain, despite the economic downturn, as demand for housing soars.”Courtesy of CNBC

Our Shade Gurus are here to help YOU decide on what type of EcoSmart Shade is right for you and your home.

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