Window Makeovers. We LOVE them.

We also adore our customers who send us their personal photos of their home. (you know who you are!πŸ’š πŸ™Œ )

From Virginia to Australia, our EcoSmart Shades have transformed homes to be more energy efficient, more private and well, oh so stylish.

Very Sad in Virginia

Andrew, was desperate to get rid of the original, super sad drapes that came with his 1929 brick Colonial home. Old, dingy, not stylish in any way, and let’s be TOTALLY honest here, not very energy efficient AT ALL.
THANK goodness Andrew found us.

“I just installed the first shade yesterday in the stairwell of our newly purchased 1929 brick colonial. We absolutely love them. Huge improvement over the previous owner’s drapes. Thank you! I plan to order more shades for several other rooms in my home.”

What an upgrade!

With our Double Cell (double the cells! Double the Fun! annnd insulation) Light-Filtering fabric, Andrew can enjoy his privacy and diffused light and energy efficiency.

Let’s talk R-Value for a minute.

Our Single Cell/Light-Filtering fabric has an R-Value of 1.6.

Not tooo shabby. BUT our Double Cell/Light-Filtering fabric has a whopping 2.8!!! Whoa. You’re probably asking what that means. R-value measures how well a material reduces energy (heat) gain or loss. It’s a measure of thermal resistance, used most commonly with building and construction materials. The higher the R-value, the more energy saved. 

We cannot wait to help him shade his entire home! We’ve done the math, our EcoSmart Insulating Shades pay for themselves in less than 5 years.

Now that’s a ROI that everyone can appreciate!

Be like Andrew and order your EcoSmart Cellular Shades TODAY!