Did you know that we are the only company (we’re aware of) that commissioned an independent 3rd-party study of our shades?

Ok, not just one….we commissioned 3. Three times a charm, right?

You’re probably asking, “Why does that matter?”

It matters a GREAT deal. These studies are:

  • unbiased
  • in depth
  • private (without manufacturer opinion)
  • Fact Based

That right there is INVALUABLE. That’s why the following studies are so very important to homeowners. We can tell you all day, and all through the night, that our EcoSmart Cellular Shades are AMAZING, but now we have the PROOF!

Ok, first let’s start at the beginning, with the definition of R-Value.

“R-Value is the capacity of an insulating material to resist heat flow. The higher the R-Value, the greater the insulating power.”


Please let us be upfront with you all, there is no standard test in our industry for determining R-Value. This is why the independent studies we’ll be sharing, are so very important. We chose to have a couple of independent studies done so that we feel confident in the numbers we share with you all.

BEHOLD! The AMAZING INSULATING power of our EcoSmart Cellular Shades!

“I tested three samples of the EcoSmart Shade you provided, on three windows in my home. I used a simplified test method, developed by William Shurcliffe, to estimate the R-value of the shades.”

Andy Shapiro – Energy Balance, Inc.

The second independent study is by Harvard University. YES, that Harvard.

“…we believe that what you are showing is…something we’ve known for years. Min-blinds act as a ‘reverse radiator’ -they accelerate the loss of heat in the winter and accelerate heat gain in the summer, as compared to glass alone. This is due to how they direct the air currents…”

HRES Sustainability team

Our third and finally independent study is by CARB, Consortium for Advanced Residential Buildings. This study is in one word, thorough. 10 pages to be exact. This particular study really highlighted the energy efficient benefit of our Energy-Saving Sidetrack system.

“Because the effective R-values calculated include convective heat transfer (air moving between the warm interior and space behind the shades), it is certainly expected that the side tracks improve resistance to heat flow. It appears that the side tracks increase effective R-value by approximately 2.5 – 3 times. In all windows tested, the calculated, effective R-values of the window shades with sidetracks were 2.5 to 3 times higher than for the same shades without sidetracks.”


Ok, so three studies did ALL the work for you. Now all you have to do, is order, install these sweet energy-saving shades in your home, and then enjoy allllll that efficiency, oh yeah and money back in your pocket. *wink*

Oh, look at you, the tenacious one! Still not satisfied? Well, well well…you want even MORE data?

Here ya go!