Built to last decades, but sometimes….

Reading through our FAQs sometimes is exceptionally useful – but how many of us take the time to do it? So we thought to pop into the blog some handy little tips and questions.
One of the toughest calls is whether a shade needs to be sent in to us for repair.

This may prompt multi-questions that need to be answered:

(1) Is this repair even something that should be attempted by the shade owner?
(2) Is this repair something that a technically-savvy homeowner might be able to accomplish with instructions from our Shade Gurus?
(3) Is this repair a typical and easy do-it-yourself fix?

Sometimes it might feel like you’re a spinning target, and “where she stops nobody knows”!
That’s why we’re here to help — on the other end of the phone, or the email are a small group of knowledgeable people who try to give you the right answer, not the easy answer, or just the answer you want to hear.
Let’s take a typical question, one asked quite frequently lately:

Q: What if my string breaks?

(Read More about 2023 Federal Government Guidelines)

Our immediate response is to find out what type of lift operation your shade has — and which string has broken.

• If the shade is a continuous cord loop, and it is the LOOP that has broken, that is an EASY do-it-yourself repair. We have loops (from 2ft to 12ft!) in stock and ship the cord loop with easy-to-follow instructions.
• If the shade is a standard or a top down / bottom up, and an internal string has broken, then we fall under the assumption that the client would prefer to send in the shade for repair.

Yet…. there are those owners… who… would like to give the repair… the “old college try”. Yes, we do sell “string” (actually a “tightly-woven 1.2 mm string”) and can supply clients with instructions on how a restring is done. The one nice thing about sending the shade in is: Your repair may be done by the very person who manufactured your shade in the first place!

These shades are made to be repaired rather than pitched out — but only you can decide what is worth repairing, and it will depend on age and condition. Shades from our website carry a ten year warranty on parts like strings (all you pay is return shipping!). For shades manufactured by others: shades must be of the Symphony line of shades by Comfortex (no Hunter Douglas, no spun-lace shades from Home Depot or Lowes) — standard rates of repair will apply, plus the cost of return shipping.

As with any purchase, if it can be easily fixed — you will get years more service from your product.

Repair, don’t replace. Less in landfills and more time in windows!

Talk with our Shade Gurus today! They’re AWESOME.

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