You are seriously are the SWEETEST shade customers EVER!

Bill! You are awesome. And our buddy Bill is SO right! Our shades will have a MAJOR impact on your energy savings.


Yup, Emma you are SO correct.  Our Shade Gurus are super duper helpful. 


OMG! This is so true. Our shades will help with cold annnnnd during heatwaves. Energy efficiency all year LONG.

*blushing*  *swooning*

Whew… *clears throat* *wipes brow*

Oh yeah, we’re just getting started….


We totally get it. Ordering CUSTOM shading online can be scary. But once you start…you *might* not be able to stop.



Ya know, anyone can sell a shade, but it’s the SMART companies that provide superb service that makes you come back for more and more and MORE! Our Shades will last DECADES.


Can you see the trend? “Ordering was simple.” “Installation was easy.” Shelley (and all the rest) are not lying.


 And now for the PIÈCE DE RÉSISTANCE…

Let us be completely, utterly clear…

ESS has never paid for a SINGLE review. Every one of these reviews, come from the bottom of our sweet, shade-loving hearts of our amazing customers.

How friggin awesome is that?

Whew…we’re ok. *clears throat*

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Start saving Money.

Start saving the Planet.