As you browse through our website, it will become clear that we are a family-owned small business building world-class window shades right here in our Vermont, U.S.A. facility. We’re monumentally proud of that fact, but why should it matter to YOU?

You might not be aware…

that nearly all of our ‘competitors’ have moved their operations outside the country – seeking inexpensive labor and components – and have turned to generic website outlets to sell their products for them.

Meanwhile, we are – and will always be – committed to producing our products locally, using premium U.S.A. components whenever possible, and servicing and supporting our beloved customers directly. That, in a nutshell, is the EcoSmart difference! 


So what does that mean to you?

  • Highest Quality Products – No skimping, no bargain hunting, only the very best components go into our shades.
  • Ultimate Craftsmanship – We hire locally, we train and develop masters of their crafts, and we keep and grow our expert staff with wages that reflect the dedication and care put into every EcoSmart Shade we build.
  • Unmatched Expertise – When you talk to us, you’re speaking directly to the people who build your shades, and every conceivable answer is found right here in our building. And oh yeah, we’re super-duper cool and friendly, too. 😉
  • Supreme Flexibility – Being small and having control over everything we do means we are extremely nimble and agile. Got a special request? No cookie-cutter, hum-drum responses here! We’ll do everything we can to accommodate the needs of each individual customer.
  • Supporting the Community that Supports Us – We feel strongly that it’s our duty to give back – to the local community, to our state, to our country. Sheesh, in the past two weeks alone, we’ve participated in events for the American Heart Association and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, helped sponsor an event for our state’s largest business organization (which is dedicated to promoting responsible and ethical business practices), gotten our hands dirty (in a good way!) on Green-Up Day by helping to beautify the area around us, and opened our doors to host an event for businesses and individuals in the home design field.
  • Growing the Local Economy – Most importantly, we serve our community every day by providing jobs that go beyond offering ‘living wages’ so that the members of our amazing team can purchase homes, shop at local businesses, frequent local restaurants, volunteer for causes that are important to them, and devote precious, quality time to family and friends. In other words, as our team members thrive, so does the cycle of ‘giving back’. Everyone wins! 🙂


We’re determined to have a positive impact in everything we do!
Every EcoSmart Shade changes the world we live in with it’s energy efficiency and beauty, and as a company we strive to enhance the world around us with every action we take.

Experience the difference for yourself.

That’s SMART. EcoSmart.