Our Shade Guru learned the value…

of Top Down/Bottom Up Shades! 

Ok, I’ll admit it. I was a naysayer before I installed Top Down/Bottom Up Shades in my own home. I thought, ‘Why would anyone ever need that?’(and I work for ESS!!)

And then COVID hit and I was working from home. And what did I first notice? How my 11 lb Bichon Frisé was ‘on guard’.

This is the NOISY ‘coworker’

EVERY one that walked by.
EVERY large truck that slowed down.
EVERYTIME the neighbor came back home…he had to announce it….LOUDLY. 😐

Needless to say, it grinded on my nerves almost instantly…until I installed Top Down shades.

And then it happened…peace and more importantly QUIET!

Top Down/Bottom Up Shades are my sanity keepers. 

(oh yeah, they also keep me extra focused, too!) 

Sooooo take it from me, a once naysayer of the value of TDBU shades…they are LIFESAVERS!

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