We can tell you how AMAZING our shades are, until we’re BLUE in the face…

We can tell you ALL the bennies that our shades provide….but we’ll let our amazing customer Andrea tell you.

“We have used EcoShades for 2 homes. Ordering was simple and the products are all we wanted and more. If we had questions, customer service was available. They called us when they noticed what seemed like a mistake on our order, and they were right!! We ordered the top-down, bottom-up cordless blackout shades for our current home. Purchasing them was the best decision. They allow for light and openness when we want it and privacy when we don’t want the ‘fishbowl’ effect. Previously, we had purchased the smoothly corded double-cell light filtering shades. The sleek uniform look aided in the selling of that house.” – Andrea in Vermont

Now go…GO! Go! Order your very own EcoSmart Shades RIGHT NOW!