Here at EcoSmart Shades, we’ve been shading the world for over 3 decades…

We’ve learned a’many things over those years.

So I decided to sit down with our super, stellar Shade Gurus to get the obvious (and some not so obvious) tips when ordering your EcoSmart Cellular Shades. (Don’t worry, Roller tips will be coming SOON!)

Unanimously, unequivocally and one that might not be at the forefront of your mind…

  1. Offer our Gurus cookies. (I kid I kid not really, tho😉)
  2. Decide what kind of shade you need/want. There is a GIANT difference between Roller Shades and Cellular Shades.


When ordering EcoSmart Cellular Shades our Gurus had a plethora of tips!

  1. Decide on where you want your cellular shade to ‘live’. What I mean is, inside your window, or outside your window.

Inside Mount Bennies: Better Insulation. A MUST when using our Energy-Saving Sidetracks.

Inside Mount Must-Haves: You gotta have enough depth/space for the shade to live and live it’s best life (i.e. operate smoooooothly)

Outside Mount Bennies: Measurements are not ‘as crucial’. What we mean, there is a lot more forgiveness when it comes to this mounting. Great for older window, bc let’s be honest here, they can be VERY wonky, size-wise. Ideal when ordering Room-Darkening Shades; much better light blocking abilities!

Find more measuring info here.

What kinda Fabric do you want your Cell Shade to be made of?!!



Single Cell? Double Cell? Find THE best fabric info here.

This might sound super silly, but our Shade Gurus LIVE by this tip: label your shades thoroughly.

No, no…not those kinda labels…here at ESS, labeling is encouraged. 

Take Beth for example: 

“The detailed description on each (shade)one helped me to remember which one went where; left side, right side, office/kitchen window, etc.” – Happy EcoSmart Customer in Oregon

From the time you measure, to the time you receive your stunning new shades…you might forget where you started measuring. “Did I start in the kitchen? Or upstairs in the bedroom? Did I start on theleft? or over there, first?”

“Kitchen Far Left”   “Hallway Sidelight”  Our Shade Gurus can help with labeling, too!


Our Shade Guru Michelle’s tips are:

  1. Match the color to your window trim or molding
  2. Coordinate with your wall color
  3. Match color to flooring or other existing fixtures
  4. Choose A contrasting color for some pizzazz!

Now this tip is SUPER easy: Order our FREE samples first. 

No matter how calibrated your screen is, having our amazing, fantastical fabric in your hand, held up to your window/wall will never be an accurate substitute!

Check out what Tim in Connecticut did!!!

Tim is so SMART(one could say, EcoSmart)! He taped all his ordered samples to his window he wanted to shade, and took note on how they looked over the course of a day. Clever…VERY clever.

Order samples here. 

Now our Shade Guru David gave me an AWESOME tip. He had a customer (or two or three) who wanted Cordless Top Down/Bottom Up Shades. (don’t blame em! They’re our best sellers!) 

David, asked one question: “Are you able to reach the top of your window without help?”

“No, I need a step stool.”

S.G. David. “Say no more. If you want Top Down/Bottom Shades, you have two options. 1. Order our handy dandy 10 ft Extension Pole. 2. Order our Corded option!”

Speaking for all the height-challenged people in the world…(hi it’s me!), our extension pole surely will help. YAY!

Ok, we’re all human. Mistakes happen. That’s why we have a measurement safeguard to take the worry out of getting it right!

Our warranty, one of the very best in the window shade industry and BONUS, it comes with your shade purchase there is no extra charge for it!

Stay tuned for our tips when ordering our ridiculously awesome Roller shades.


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