Here at EcoSmart Shades, we’ve been shading the world for over 3 decades…

We’ve learned a’many things over those years.

So as promised, I compiled tips & tricks from our Shade Gurus to get the obvious (and some not so obvious) tips when ordering your EcoSmart ROLLER Shades. (SEE? I told ya it was coming soon!)


Unanimously, unequivocally and one that might not be at the forefront of your mind…

  1. Offer our Gurus baked goods, cookies, pies, fancy breads & cakes…the whole gamut, are welcome & encouraged.😉
  2. Decide what kind of shade you need/want. There is a GIANT difference between Roller Shades and Cellular Shades.


When ordering EcoSmart Roller Shades our Gurus had a plethora of tips!

  1. Just like with our Cellular Shades, decide where you want your shade to ‘live’. What I mean is, inside your window, or outside your window.

Find more measuring info here.⬅

What kinda Fabric do you want your Roller Shade to be made of?!!

Light-Filtering? 1%    3%   5%   10%


(unsure? don’t sweat it, order free samples here!)

Room-Darkening? (breathe a siiiigh of relief, there’s just one kind of RD fabric!)

Something to keep in mind, when we describe our fabric as “Room-Darkening” it’s bc it will not block 100% of the light.

See the photo below? It’s what we call a ‘light halo’. There are ways to reduce this, fo sho.

  1. Adding Fascia

  1. Outside mount – ordering your shade larger than your window

Shade Labeling:

This might sound super silly, but our Shade Gurus LIVE by this tip: label your shades thoroughly.

No, no…not those kinda labels…here at ESS, labeling is encouraged. 

Take Beth for example: 

“The detailed description on each (shade)one helped me to remember which one went where; left side, right side, office/kitchen window, etc.” – Happy EcoSmart Customer in Oregon

From the time you measure, to the time you receive your stunning new shades…you might forget where you started measuring. “Did I start in the kitchen? Or upstairs in the bedroom? Did I start on the left ro RIGHT? or over there, first?ARRRGGGG!”

“Primary Bedroom Far Left”   “Hallway Sidelight Left”  Our Shade Gurus can surely help with labeling suggestions!


The terms “Standard Roll” and “Reverse roll” refer to how the roller shade fabric is hung; which side of the roll (front or back) the fabric rolls off.

Tip: The closer the fabric is to your windows, more light the shade will diffuse/block. 

Privacy and Roller Shades

There is something you should know about Roller Shades. We’re gonna be upfront about this. If you want total privacy…Roller shades are not for you. WHY?!

Privacy during the night is a consideration. Roller Shades do allow a view at night into lit rooms. It’s not the best choice for a bathroom, unless there is no external line of sight.

See this illustration:

On the left: View-thru from inside out, with interior light on.

On the right: View-thru from outside in, with interior light on.

Yes, the fabrics shown are different colors/opacities, to illustrate how a tighter weave/lighter color helps with privacy when the dominate light source varies in location.



wheeeeew. *wipes brow*

Now these are just SOME of the tips our super, snazzy Shade Gurus gave me. They are WICKED smart. One could say, EcoSmart. Call them. Talk to them. Give them cookies.