Intense Frigid Temps are EVERYWHERE…

I mean…even Florida has dipped into the 30’s!! EEEK!

And our customers in Maine are in the same freezing boat, so to speak.

“I recently installed the second of two EcoSmart window…

shades in a small room that is somewhat distant from our primary house heating/cooling system. That distance made it difficult to heat & cool this room. I bought the first EcoSmart shade as a “try-out” to see if it would help reduce heat loss and found out quickly that it did, in fact, help keep the room warmer (or at least, not as chilly). Thus the second window shade was ordered soon thereafter. Installation of the second shade really proved to me that these window shades are VERY effective in reducing heat loss through windows. As with the first shade, installation of the second was quick & easy and the fit is perfect. That “distant” little room is now much more comfortable during these cold Maine days & nights!! Highly recommended.”  – Super Smart Stan in Maine

We’ve done the research!

Check out this blog, that spells out all the R-Value goodness our EcoSmart Cellular Shades provide!

Want even more Scientific PROOF?

Look at these thermal photos!

First a NAKED window.

Outside temperature is 28 degrees Fahrenheit 🥶

Thermal Photos of Cold Windows  

In this photo, same window covered with an EcoSmart Cellular Shade.

Thermal Photo WITHOUT Energy Saving Side tracks  

Now in THIS photo, we added our Energy-Saving Sidetrack System, to keep even MORE cold out, and more money in YOUR pocket. 

Thermal Photo with Energy Saving Side tracks   

What’s stopping you? Your windows are freezing. Our Shades LOVE to cuddle. Let’s get you cozy.

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That’s Smart. EcoSmart.