How easy? Well, let an actual EcoSmart customer show you!

Our AMMMMMAZING customers in The Villages, Florida were awesome enough to do a step-by-step how-to so EVERYONE can literally see how super duper simple it is.

How cool are they??

(Extra cool, thanks to our extra energy efficient Insulating Cellular Shades 😉)

So….without further ado, let’s go to in Greg in SUNNY, hot Florida..

Greg and his wife moved into a house that had 15+ year old mini-blinds.


Not working! Not Attractive! SURELY NOT Energy Efficient!

Their main bedroom faces East…and they both said it’s like a blazing oven by 9 am! YUCK!🥵

(I’m sweating just typing that. Eeeewww.)


With our Shade Guru guidance, they ordered 5 Double-Cell BlackOut Smoothy Shades and THEN, unbeknownst to us, documented the whole installation for us!!!!!!

Did we mention they’re AWESOME?!!!???

First they took down their mini blinds, and opened their shipment, so everyone can see how well they are packed.


Greg said later, “You guys even packed them according to size. I didn’t expect that, but much appreciated, made it so much easier.”

Our Shade Gurus are in the industry. We are fluent in shade lingo. BUT that’s not true for the ‘average’ Gregs out there.  Still, he reassured us “Your instructions are clear. Made sense to me.”

“Since this was a ‘new to us’ house, we wanted to make sure the window was level.” 

GOOD thinking, Greg!👍

First, he removed all the old mini-blind brackets, and then installed our Global brackets to the OUTSIDE of the window, because his wife is very light sensitive and this would be the most light blocking way to install our shades.


(She told us,  “Our AC runs all-year round, actually. “It’s Florida, it’s always HOT!” )

His wife even made short videos for us!

Greg chose to mount his blackout shades on the outside of his window sills.

“Measurements are SPOT on, guys! Thanks!”

We ALWAYS wrap our corded shades neatly. This way, unpacking is easy peasy.

WOO HOO! Greg likes our screws!!
They are super nice and super durable, if we do say so ourselves.

GOOD  tip, Greg!
You don’t want to tighten the screws TOO much.

Second bracket is in place, now to install the shade!
It’s literally, a*SNAP*

Child Safety Instructions on each cord. 

“Hold Downs or P-clips are included with each corded shade.”

“Hey it even looks like a ‘P’. I betcha that’s how it got it’s name….“  (heavy on the sarcasm)

Greg, you are FUNNY!

***ESS does not endorse or approve this ladder/dresser combination.***

If you’re wondering, yes, Greg is in sales. We should hire him!


TAH DAH! More brackets installed! WTG Greg!🎉

‘It runs so smoothly. Huh, I guess that’s how it got it’s name.”

Another awesome tip, Greg!
Our blackout fabric, in particular does have a “GREAT” fabric memory. So, as he shows in this clip, just give it a little tug.

*snap snap* Another EcoSmart Cell shade ready to save energy!

He saved the largest shade for last, in their bay window.

We cannot thank our amazing customers enough for taking the time to show others how our shades are installed. You ROCK!!!

“We can already FEEL the difference with the shades lowered. We’re not baking!”, said Jo.

So… are you ready to be the next “Greg”? A DIY-er who is going to save SO much energy, protect SO much privacy, block SO much light?  Great! Head over and order yourself some new shades!