ESS’s social media caught the eye of a Vermont marketing team, @VermontForReal…they loved our swagger, our killer dance moves and our humor, SO much!!! (can ya blame em?)

Sooooo…they reached out for help with their new home. And then BOOM! Rebecca and Will became ESS ‘groupies’. (no big surprise there…) 😉

They are AWESOME people. And they graciously shared their experience with everyone.

Vermont sunrises are awesome… until they’re blinding you at 5am! 🤬😵‍💫

We recently moved into a new pad with lots of natural light, which is great for most things but AWFUL for sleeping in. Luckily, we saw some fantastic videos from @ecosmartshadesvt about their made-in-VT EcoSmart Cellular Shades and knew they’d be the key to getting more shut-eye.

We’ve since learned a TON about cellular shades and wanted to share the benefits with everyone!

☀️ Cellular shades are primarily intended for saving energy. Their cellular construction traps air between the shade and window, preventing warmth or AC from escaping. They also block the sun’s heat from entering.

😴 Cellular shades can diffuse light entirely. Light-filtering cellular shades fill the room with a warm glow while double-cell shades completely darken a room. Perfect for better snoozing!

♻️ High-quality cellular shades, like the ones from ESS’s, can last for up to 20 years while most only last 3-5 years. That’s a lot of unnecessary garbage ending up in a landfill! These aren’t called EcoSmart for nothin’ 😉

We upgraded from using a towel (yes, a towel!) to these snazzy shades that can be lowered or raised from either end…Talk about getting *shady* 😎

Working with the ESS team on creating this custom solution was absolutely delightful. They’re a second-generation, woman-owned company that manufactures window solutions right here in VT.

We had the pleasure of visiting their Williston headquarters and loved seeing our shades brought to life!

The whole team at ESS’s is also beyond hilarious, and if you need some extra positivity in your life, follow them on Insta. Anyone who does the #DropitChallenge on a manufacturing floor is fiiiine by us 👍”- Rebecca and Will @VermontForReal