Why Motorized Shades?

What might at one time seemed like a luxury, are now just plain useful. Motorized Shading will help save energy and boost home security, too.

Motorized EcoSmart Shades do all the work so you don’t have to. And talk about safe! Our motorized shading removes the need for cords and increases pet and child safety! 

How do motorized EcoSmart Shades add Security?

Imagine you’re at a far away place, lounging without a care in the world…and your partner, in a panic asks,“Did you lock the front door?” 

You smile confidently, “Not only did I lock the door, I programmed our shading to lower during the day, and partially raise at dusk.” And go back to sipping your frozen bevvie. 

Motorized EcoSmart Shades are much more of a deterrent to potential criminals than manual window shades, especially when paired with an automated smart home light system. You’ll be able to put your mind at ease, when you’re away from your home sweet home.

Can Motorized Shades Improve my Sleep?

We already told you allllll about our amazing room-darkening shades for bedrooms. (truly the are AWESOME! I know first hand. I have EcoSmart Cell shades in my bedroom, and seriously, I don’t know how I slept without them!!!)

Now just imagine programming your motorized EcoSmart Shades to open, so you can wake you up slowly and smoooooothly rather than by an annoying alarm. GROSS.

How can Motorized EcoSmart Shades Improve my life?

Look, we can’t make you a better chef, surgeon or interpretive dancer. We know our limits, but we can make your life easier. Imagine you’re are on your oh-so-comfy couch watching your favorite movie for the 37th time or reading the same book you do every Autumn…and PIERCING, BLINDING light comes barreling in through your window, causing your brain to seize and your enjoyment plummet. EEEKKKKK!

Getting up from that super comfy couch, covered in your favorite blanket, is the LAST thing you wanna do. When you have EcoSmart Motorized Shades you can tell that pesky sun “buh bye!”

With a simple push of a button, your cozy vibe is restored and you can enjoy your fave book or movie.

Think about this, parents!!

The ability to control your EcoSmart Shades from your couch with a sleeping infant on your chest. How awesome would THAT be? 

And ya know, when your kiddos get older, you’ll REALLY appreciate how safe (and easy!) it is for them to open or close your shades without having to use any type of manual cord control.  Safety FIRST!

Seriously, ya’ll, we can go on and ON about all the bennies of motorized shading (and we probably will….) but you just gotta experience the dif for yourself.


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