The simple answer is…BOTH ARE AWESOME!

First, let us explain the difference between a Single Cell and a Double Cell shade.

A Single Cell shade has one row (single) or layer, of cells that stack on top of each other. And a Double Cell shade has intertwined, slightly offset rows of cells nestled together, super cozy like- providing you with two layers of cells – one layer of cells closest to the room, and one layer of cells closest to the window.

Let’s explore cells and how they effect R-Value!


Do you want the cleanest look?
Then single cell shades are for you! Single cells are slightly larger than double cells. A smaller cell size means more rows(horizontal lines) 

Check this out, look at the two shades side-by-side:

The single cell shade (left) has less rows – which give the appearance of horizontal lines – and the double cell shade (right) has more rows (or more horizontal lines).

Do you need the BEST in energy efficiency? 

I’m gonna age myself here, but double your pleasure, double your fun…DOUBLE Cell is for you. 😉 Look at that chart above again. Double cells add the most insulation. When you add Energy-Saving Sidetracks, then your efficiency skyrockets, keeping more money in your pocket. AMAZING!

Do you want the energy efficiency that is budget friendly?

Single Cell Shades are for you! With single cell fabrics you get a LOT of bang for for your hard-earned buck. Room-Darkening Single Cell shades provide some of the best in light control and privacy. But that’s not all, Single Cell Room-Darkening shades will also give you significant savings on your heating and cooling costs. Super awesome!

Are you looking for the most noise reduction?

Cellular Shades are your GO TO! No doubt. Both Single Cell & Double Cell shades have awesome sound absorption qualities. And you know what we’re gonna say next – just like a Double Cell shade offers amazing insulating powers, they also offer much more noise reduction. The Double Cell design is excellent at trapping both air and noise. Do you live in a particularly noisy area? Go DOUBLE, for maximum noise reduction.👍

Do you have another question? Our Shade Gurus are here to help!