“Every day is Earth Day when you live in Vermont” 🌎

Our friends at @VermontforReal shared some VERY green tips, so we all can take care of Mother Earth a bit better.

“We feel so blessed to call this gorgeous state home. Today is not just a celebration of Mother Nature, but also a day for reflecting on how we can protect our beautiful planet.

Vermont’s natural beauty didn’t come out of nowhere. It has taken generations of hard work to keep our home clean and healthy. We want our future grandkids to enjoy kayaking, snowboarding, fishing, and all the other outdoor activities we love, but our natural playground is being threatened by climate change.

Here are some simple ways each of us can make our daily routines greener:

  • 🐝 Skip the sandwich baggie and use @beeswrap
  • 🥤 Switch to @beansncanes compostable straws
  • 💡 Add @ecosmartshadesvt to conserve electricity
  • ☕️ Avoid single-use coffee pods when possible
  • ♻️ Shop local to reduce packaging pollution!

We all have the power to make a difference in this world. Creating change starts with reflecting on our choices and building new habits that support sustainability.”  -VFR

We feel VERY honored to be included on this made in Vermont list.

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