Our Shades are hiding on YOU!

You can’t see them, but yes, our made in Vermont, automated EcoSmart Roller Shades are on every window. Sometimes, shades need to disappear when they’re not needed.

And that’s just as important. In the photo above, there are four EcoSmart Roller Shades. YEP. No fibbin’ here.

See? We told you. Shades that disappear when they’re not needed, is JUST as important as shading itself. You don’t want your shading to steal the thunder of your interior design, all the time.

Check this out. When our customer called us with a problem some of us would LOVE to have: a WALL of windows on the back of their home. The sunshine was interrupting their reading time, because sometimes it was TOO BRIGHT. We created a EcoSmart Roller Shade with a coordinating Fascia…and *POOF* it’s gone, when it’s rolled UP. Clever, right?

Imagine having a corner of wonderful windows, facing the back meadow, a deliciously deep soaking tub, buuuut JUST in case, in times you need privacy….EcoSmart Roller Shades.

Rita learned this in the most unfortunate way.🤦‍♀️

That’s when she emailed us, practically shouting “I NEED YOUR SHADES!!!!! Our roofing contractor surprised me one peaceful afternoon, which ruined all the relaxation I had gained, and made me turn 9 shades of red. Thank goodness for bubbles. LOTS and lots of bubbles. After my heartrate got back to normal, and my humiliation receded, I realized need your shades!”

Whew! We felt for Rita. We truly did. Forgive the pun, but she has it made in the shade now. Shown above are three EcoSmart Roller Shades, with Fascia.

And no, you don’t need Fascia to ‘hide’ your shading. Here’s another corner window configuration in Oregon.

Breathtaking views, a lounge chair that practically calls your name…but GLARE that can burn your retinas on those select few sunshiny days in the Pacific Northwest! EcoSmart Shades to the rescue!

Our homeowner went with black roller fabric, that just fades into the window frame. Cool right?

It’s not just our Roller Shades that know how to disappear. Our EcoSmart Cellular Shades also magically fade away when not needed. This Vermont Bed and Breakfast did not want to obstruct their surrounding views for their guests, but also wanted to provide much needed privacy. And not only are our EcoSmart Cellular Shades privacy advocates, they also insulate like the dickens!

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EcoSmart Shades: the MAGICAL shades that *POOF* disappear.