As you may have seen in the national news, many areas of our home state of Vermont have been devastated by flooding. The damage to homes and businesses has been immense, and the results are heartbreaking. Although we at EcoSmart Shades were spared the worst of the storms, we are determined to help those who were less fortunate.

Imagine your community…imagine your home, your neighbors’ homes, your schools, your local shops… your whole community being hit with a natural disaster that affects… well, everything. Your life and everything around you is turned upside-down. Unfortunately, that’s the reality for many towns, businesses, and people all over Vermont after the recent flooding.

And sadly, Mother Nature isn’t finished yet. With rivers and lands saturated, every new storm brings the potential for new flooding. In the hardest-hit areas, it has been relentless.

Flood damage in Richmond, Vermont Flood damage in front of Montpelier, Vermont theater   Courtesy of Vermont Agriculture.

Right now, we are donating 5% of online sales of EcoSmart Shades to The Vermont Community Foundation. Through their VT Flood Response and Recovery Fund, they have raised over $2.5 million so far and… it’s not nearly enough. Our hope is that businesses and individuals will continue to build on this effort, so that lives can be rebuilt.

Save on Shades, Save Vermonters!