Do not mess with New England women!


“I ordered a custom ‘door’ shade for a back stairway in my house. The fit was perfect and installation was pretty straightforward. I’m a 77 year old woman so if I can do it, so can you. Great product, great customer service. Timely delivery. I highly recommend Ecosmart Shades!!” – Merilynn in New Hampshire

The proof is in the photos. Not only did Merilynn install one of our EcoSmart Insulating Cellular Shades in an old doorway, but check out the Energy-Saving Sidetrack action!

Energy-Saving Sidetracks are like turning the volume up on insulation of your Cellular Shades., like WAY WAY UP!!!

Energy Efficiency AMPLIFIED! Learn more about R-Value here.


Now there is NO excuse not to insulate your home with our amazing energy-saving shades. If 77 year old Merilynn can do it….SO CAN YOU!

Merilynn is smart. EcoSmart.

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