It’s starting ALREADY…

Summer is FAST approaching, and many of us are thinking of ways to keep our homes cool annnnnd comfy during the hot, sweltering, feverish days.

One effective way to do this is by choosing the correct shading, which will block heat out by blocking the burning Sun entering your home and becoming so suffocatingly hot you feel like a rotating hot dog on one of those 7-Eleven displays.

But here at EcoSmart Shades, we have your plan of attack to beat the heat this Summer! Our Shade Gurus have done the research on what shading will work for your specific sweltering needs.

First, our Gurus will help you identify what the main source of the searing heat is.  Do you have too much light, that’s bringing in convected heat (you feel like you’re automatically sweating)?

OR  is it legitimately getting hotter in the room?

There are two types of shading that will be your ally in this battle of torrid tropical-like fever.

EcoSmart Insulating Cellular Shades and EcoSmart Roller/Solar Shades!

EcoSmart Insulating Cellular Shades

EcoSmart Cellular Shades are GREAT for your home. With their insulating value, (learn more here!) it will help lower your heating and cooling bills. The availability in multiple color choices also helps give your home a custom look and feel. This is a great product to use to beat the heat in the summer time. EcoCells act the same as the wall/ceiling insulation in your home. Insulation is based on the more air space you have between the materials, the better the insulation. And OF course, these powerhouse cells help in the winter, (trust us Vermonters here!) keeping that bitter, freezing cold air out and the warm air inside your cozy, comfy home.

Our Room-Darkening Cell fabrics provide even MORE light blocking. When you add Room-Darkening shading to your home, you’ve got the best of both worlds- beating the heat and sunlight to a min thru your windows.

          EcoSmart 2.0 Twin Pull Top-Down/Bottom-Up Blackout Cellular Honeycomb Window Shades in Bedroom  

EcoSmart Roller/Solar Shades

Unlike our insulating EcoSmart Cellular Shades…Roller/Solar shades are not designed insulate. But what the do, is keep light & glare out of your rooms, which deflects heat. Roller shades can help beat the heat when it comes to light reflection. EcoSmart Roller shades can made with many types of fabric. Compared to other popular window covering materials, roller shade fabric provides cost savings and tremendous value! We have a wide selection of fabrics ranging from sheer 10% transparency to 0% blackout, so you’ll find the right solution for light filtering and privacy in any room. The beauty of a roller shade with a solar fabric is that it gives you varied ability to see out of your window. It all  depends on the tightness of the weave- you’ll have more or less visibility thru your window. When it comes to heat, a low grade Roller Shade at 1% or 3% fabric will offer about the same amount of heat control as the light blocking features of a Room-Darkening shade. The lower the percentage, the less visibility and the less light you’ll bring in the room. The higher the percentage, the more visibility and more light is allowed to come in. Makes sense, right?

EcoSmart commercial dark roller shades in Waterworks restaurant overlooking the Winooski River in Vermont


However, by using energy-efficient window treatments in combination with other cooling techniques, like air conditioning or fans, you can enhance the comfort of your living space during these upcoming scorching Summer days.


Now, chat with our Shade Gurus and together we’ll kick heat’s butt out your door!

That’s smart, EcoSmart.

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