We are WORKIN’!

EcoSmart Roller Shade Production table

We’re telling you the truth, when we say our shade crafters are working as fast as physics allows.

SoOOoOooo right now, we are estimating that our production lead time is about 18 business days.

We know you can get *other shades* from *other sites*, but you invested in yourself and chose to support a small, family company that builds each shade like it’s going into our own homes. Our shades last decades.

No fibbing.

We thank you for supporting us. We thank YOU for your patience.

Your shades will SOON be providing you privacy, reducing glare, looking OH so stylish and making you feel all warm and fuzzy because you supported small biz.

If you have any questions, need to voice your concerns, want to share an adorable photo of your furry friends, or your Auntie Clara’s famous chocolate cake recipe, we are here for you. (and we love cake.)


or 877-338-9392

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